Tuesday, May 27, 2008

One thing leads to another

I know yesterday was Memorial Day here in the States, but I decided to head over to one of the memorial sites today instead. One of my high school classmates was killed overseas in a bombing a couple of years ago, and even though I knew I wouldn't see his name on a board or anything like that, I thought I'd go just pay my respects.

However, as I was sitting there, a big blue star on the other side caught my eye. So I slid down the side of the memorial site and ended up here.


The Juanita Motel, where you can live in a charming teeny tiny little motel room. And it made me laugh, but it is such a cute little place! And how can you say no to living in a place that announces this so proudly?


I mean, really. Isn't that what we're all searching for in the long run? A place to watch our porn?

But I guess there aren't any vacancies, because no one was behind the desk. There was a great picture of Elvis, though. There's a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the other side of the office, but I couldn't get it in the shot.

No vacancies?

After my little motel visit, I went home to change my clothes [I'd been wearing that dress since last night!] and that led me to trying to organize my inventory a little bit. I laugh at newbies who proclaim proudly that they have 2000 inventory items. I scoff at those who have 7000 items all neatly organized into folders and subfolders and subsubfolders. My inventory is enormous and in organized chaos. I do have some folders for specific things. I just now started putting together a shoes & boots folder. And I have a folder for all my ETD stuff. One day I might even have a folder for hair that's not ETD.

But organizing for me involves trying on a great many outfits. And I realized something today.

Nothing to wear!

I have too many clothes....and nothing to wear.

This is insanely sad.


CeN said...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as follows:

A) No new purchases for the rest of this month (including freebies unless they are limited offers and MUST haves)

B) Do not allow yourself to wear your standards or favorites

C) Find and wear things you've never worn or only worn once

D) Put together seperates in different ways to create "new" outfits

What better free outfit can there be then a completely unique one you put together from your existing inventory?

This message will self destruct on June 1.

Alicia Chenaux said...


But, wait, no...see...

Argh!! Damn you, woman! You know I like a challenge!! LMAO

Ok. I'll try it. But I'm not promising anything!