Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wedding pics!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Mother's Day isn't just for those who have given birth. It's really for anyone who plays a mother role in someone's life.

I went to the wedding for my friends [and bosses] Pain & Rage last night. It was a mixture of craziness [like the bride shouting "Can I come out now?" from the house] and complete bring-me-to-tears love. Pain & Rage were two of my first friends in SL. I can't tell you how accepted they made me feel when I joined the staff at Liquid Rage, even though I wasn't a kitty and I was twice as small as everyone else. LOL They're seriously two of the best people I know in SL and the love they have for each other is just so real. It was a joy to be at their wedding. Laughing and crying. What more could you want?

Here's a few pics I snapped at the wedding. I took a buttload of pics. LOL But not all of them made it through editing. :-p

Looming's Wedding - At the altar

Looming's Wedding - Bridal shoes

Looming's Wedding - Bride's ring

Looming's Wedding - Kiss

Looming's Wedding - YAY Kiss

Looming's Wedding - by the cake

The picture before the last one made me laugh because they both did the YAY gesture at the same time and if this had been in RL, Rage would have probably fallen on her ass at that point. LOL

I think it's lunchtime. Or breakfast time, since I just woke up about an hour ago. :)


Tymmerie Thorne said...

That YAY picture is sheer perfection!

CeN said...

Congratulations Pain and Rage.
You guys look so great.
Of course your wedding was rocking - you are such a fun couple.