Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So Cen threw down a challenge to me in my last blog entry.

A) No new purchases for the rest of this month (including freebies unless they are limited offers and MUST haves)

B) Do not allow yourself to wear your standards or favorites

C) Find and wear things you've never worn or only worn once

D) Put together seperates in different ways to create "new" outfits

I decided to accept, because I like a challenge and this might be a way to get my inventory semi-organized as I try things on and ask "What the hell was I thinking getting this?" and end up throwing things away.

But if you see me running down the street wearing a green sweater, a pair of orange leggings, a purple skirt, with one blue shoe and one black boot... well, you'll know what happened.


CeN said...

This is going to be so much fun to watch, but I know you have great taste and will come up with some amazing outfits.

Here is a peek at my inventory system :)

High Heels SubFolder
Black Maitreya Stilletos
White Open Toe Pumps
Flat Shoe SubFolder

Dark Wash SubFolder
Colored Jeans SubFolder
Faded or Light Jeans SubFolder
Jean Shorts (see shorts Folder)

Long Hair SubFolder
Tami McCoy
Short Hair SubFolder
Updo Hair SubFolder
Pigtail and Ponytail SubFolder

LOL just some inspiration for you :) I'll buy you a big fat pie if you get through this.

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

:) this is certainly going to be fun to watch the progress of!! What a cute idea.