Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learnin' how...

Summer's coming up and I for one couldn't be more pleased. I LOVE summer. The sunshine, the heat, the complaining about the heat... LOL

Today I got some free board shorts, and there wasn't a message asking me to blog them, but I figured I would anyway. :) The Lolani board shorts are going to be the Surfline Aloha Freebie of the Week from May 17th until May 23rd. These are mens shorts, but of course I make everything look cute. :-p

Levi, who took the day off just to be with me, [ok, not really, but he's off today] watched as I tried them on and then said he had the exact same shorts! He paid for his, of course, so I told him now he and all the freebie obsessives would have the same pair. :-D Then I told him he had to be in my blog with me today.

So we headed out to the Surfline sim, which is one of the Rezzable sims so it's very cool, and he pulled out some boards for us.

Kinda surfing

We didn't find any surfable waves, and spellcheck is telling me "surfable" isn't a word, but we did have fun paddling around. Linden water is just so exceptionally pretty in Windlight. Bite me, Windlight haters! Go drink your Haterade somewhere else!

The problem was that the sim was getting extra super laggy as we were going along. It was like swimming in mud. But then we got the notice that we had 5 minutes to get up and get out before they did a sim restart.

Not before I got a picture of the shorts, though! You can see them better on Levi, since I'm piggybacking. But I figure that's ok, since they're mens shorts anyway.

carry me!

Be sure to go pick up your own pair from May 17-23rd at Surfline Aloha! [SLurl]


Wrath said...

Hey, not entirely hatin' on Windlight® - it totally makes the sky and water totally realistic.

It's just everything else in between the sky and water that it makes look completely wonky on my screen. Colours get all unique... trees no longer look 3-D, but more like cardboard cutouts... shading on everything is just so wrong... But yeah, skies and water kick much butt. ;-)

Alicia Chenaux said...

Well get a new screen? :-p

Anonymous said...

so glad you visited Surfline. Not sure why there werent any waves, Im there now and its wave-tastic :)) But keep an eye out as more freebies will be sent

Gweneth Lange

Alicia Chenaux said...

It may have just been the little area we were in. We didn't have a chance to explore the whole place very well, but I know I'll be going back! :)