Monday, May 26, 2008

I'll never let go!

So I was watching Titanic today, and after it was done, and after I'd stopped crying [oh hush], I started thinking about the huge hat Rose wore when they boarded.

Of course I had to try to build one for myself. In light colors, since it's summer. But when I was done, and when I'd stopped laughing to myself, I thought, "Where's the best place to show this crazy thing off at?"

The RMS Titanic, of course!

[And I have no idea what just happened to my formating here. LOL]

Titanic hat!

Isn't it just a big piece of crazy on my head? LOL But I love it!

And of course I had to go be Queen of the World!!

Queen of the world!

There's actually 2 poseballs there. Remember when Jack had Rose there and she had her arms spread? Same thing. :)

But in true SL fashion, and it's darkly funny if you have a sense of humor... when I hopped off the poseball, I fell into the water.

Oh dear.

I've been decorating the secret rave location tonight. Oh I think you guys are gonna love it. I stood up there for a long time tonight just admiring. LOL I'm working on my stompers right now. I can't wait for those to be done because they're already so cute to me. Probably ONLY going to be cute to me, but that's ok. :)

Back to my boot making. :)


RedIce Cioc said...

The hat is really cute. really really very cute.

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

Hat is tres adorable, Alicia! =]

And don't worry, that movie makes me sob too.