Monday, May 5, 2008

I almost forgot to title this. LOL

Cen and I are kind of random at times with our costume changes. We just start changing clothes and shapes and skins and before we know it, we're running off looking completely unlike ourselves. :) Tonight for some reason we went the Japanese route - with me as a geisha and Cen as an anime type girl. We popped over to the Gion Project, which I guess she hadn't seen before? I love the place, it's so lovely and well done, but I haven't gone over there since maybe January. Unfortunately it was pretty laggy out there, so we just ran around a bit before leaving.


Riding down the stream

Linden water, so pretty!

Isn't she adorable with her pink hair?? I had to take two pics of us in the boat because I had turned Windlight off earlier today for some reason and Linden water just does NOT look right to me when it's off.

We also went to the Great Linden Wall, which is like the Great Wall of China, but it was more laggy than ANYTHING I've encountered in a long time and we both had to relog. So yeah, I wouldn't suggest it as a visiting place. LOL

We worked a lot in the "ghetto" of the pit today. It's the wrong side of the tracks and we even have the tracks now! It's also got the safe thing turned off, so if you're into shooting people home, you can do that back there. Only the back part is damaged enabled, so no worries when you're visiting the rest of the place. Our little city is definitely coming along. :)

And don't forget, Hump Day Party at the Pit this Wednesday! I'm going to be DJing it again, since I haven't had a chance to ask anyone else if they want to do it. LOL But that's ok because I love to do it. 8pm SLT and I don't think we're gonna have a theme this time around, but maybe next week. I hope to see you all there! The SLurl is at the top of my blog over on the right. Visit us anytime! Oh, but please watch out for the skydiving thing right now until I move it. If you jump right now, you'll land in a building that's in the sky where I hope to hold a party at some point. LOL

I miss my baby already. :( But like I told him, I'm gonna be spending this week doing a lot of building. I haven't updated my store in a while [which is not his fault, I simply needed a break], and I have our little forest hideaway to work on, and decorating our home some more. And of course, all those mopey sad black & white pictures. ;) Safe travels, baby. I can't wait to be in your arms again.


Anonymous said...

ok i must know where you got that geisha hair you're wearing. i wear the geisha look often and i HATE the traditional hairstyles, they're too smooth or something. so i like something traditional-ish, you know? always looking out for designers who do that sort of thing. :D

-Aisuru Rieko

Alicia Chenaux said...

My hair was made by Jet Bates, who also made the kimono I'm wearing. The hair is just gorgeous, isn't it?? She doesn't have her store open yet, but I believe she'll be selling some hair at another store before the opening of her own. As soon as I find out where that is, I'll pass along the SLurl or LM to you. :)