Sunday, May 4, 2008

Full of Sad

Raver Designs [SLurl] gave away a monster truck to the update group today. It's a subscribe-o-matic group, so it won't take up one of your spaces. I had fun driving, but umm....

I seriously can't drive.

So Levi is leaving me tomorrow for his business trip. I'm really already whiny about it. Totally bummed. :( So I had to grab him today and beg him to PLEASE not go!

Don't goooooooo!

But he said he had to. No matter how cute I am. So I broke out the big dogs. I put on my sad face.

He's leaving me!!!!

This is my sad face.

Could you leave a face like that???

Thank goodness for these free beta skins from Free Speerit. The tears are PERFECT.

I'm still gonna be whiny this week, though. I guess I'll distract myself with building, stuff at the pit, and getting in trouble with Cen.


Tymmerie Thorne said...

Hey!!! Yay! So does this mean I might possibly get to meet him at the Hump Day Party?

Alicia Chenaux said...

If he's back and not worn out from traveling, I hope he comes to the party. I'd love for you to meet him! :)