Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Surfline Freebie of the Week!

I'll say this about Surfline Aloha - they are completely generous!! I got an advance copy of the freebie that's coming out this weekend.

Nokio shorts - Surfline Aloha

These adorable shorts are called Nokio and come with both male and female matching versions. The male shorts are longer than the female shorts, which is the only difference that I could tell. They're comfy casual and perfect for summer!!

The shorts go up on the freebie block May 31st and will be up until June 6th. The shorts are valued at $150L, so it's a great time to go get them! There's also a lucky chair out by the store, so be sure you hit that up. :)

Surfline Aloha [SLurl]

There's still time to go get that lovely Delila dress I blogged last week, too! Hurry!

The rest of my outfit was made out of freebies from my inventory. The bikini top came from a big folder marked Swimwear, which I don't think I put together myself, and says the creator is AJ Dinkin. The hair was made by Verikai Vargas of VIXEN hairs, the sunglasses were from the ETD clover hunt, and of course my lovely skin [which is not free] was made by Stephanie Misfit of La Sylphide. My pose is one I got from the lucky chair at Striking Poses and is one from the Jennifer Lopez collection. I loooove Striking Poses!! Zelly Mornington does great poses!!


CeN said...

OK I guess having something dropped on you is different than going shopping.

You are still within your mission objectives :D

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! I thought about that, but yes, I didn't go GET this. They just gave it to me. And I still used everything else I have in my inventory. :-p