Friday, May 23, 2008

Kleenex Alert

Most people who know me know that I tear up over lots of things. Sad commercials, when someone on tv gets a makeover, when the American Idol finalists that I like are singing and they do well, when someone tells me something sweet, etc. I'm a crybaby and I admit it.

But reading this article today had me in tears for about 10 minutes. We all grieve in different ways. This is the way one woman has chosen to do it.

The Husband That Echi Made

No bad comments on this, no matter what you think, ok?


Anonymous said...

none here. I think Eshi Otawara is a genius and one of the most creative people in SL, and I used to deal with grief related things professionally so I say anything that helps, helps.

i'm so full of insight lol.

Aisuru Rieko

Kharisma Llewellyn said...

Yes. Just as Aisuru said, as long as it helps her move beyond her grief.
That being said, I think that has to be one of the most moving things I have heard about SL in a long time. TY for sharing this.