Sunday, May 4, 2008


I'm on my way to bed [omg, i know] but I wanted to share a couple of pics. Levi and I are building a little forest hideaway and we went earlier to Straylight to look at trees and ground cover and stuff. He bought me the best thing EVER.


Yay, fireflies!

I'm gonna get you!

I love those things way more than I should. LOL


Meara Deschanel said...

Ooh, very pretty! I want some for my backyard hideaway now! Did you get them at Straylight?

Creag Emmons said...

I Loooooooove fireflies! I gotta check that out. I've thought about moving east of the Rockies just to be able to see them on summer nights.

I once did a bad thing... On vacation in Pennsylvania, I noticed that the fireflies all seemed to cluster over wildflowers and clover, and thought I might be able to get some to live in my wildflower garden at home. So, risking the wrath of the USDA, Sierra Club and PETA, I caught a big jar of them and took them home on the plane. I turned them loose in my garden, and for two nights they were dancing there. Then for a few nights more they flckered over the lawn, gradually moving father from the house. And finally, they were all gone, never to be seen again. Later I found out that the ones I caught were all males, what they liked about the flowers was that was where the females were, and I'd not brought any of the females home with me.

Sorry, guys.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Meara - Yep, we got them at Straylight. I actually didn't plan on getting them, but I yelled "Fireflies!" and Levi bought them for me right away. LOL Sooo spoiled.

Creag - That may be the funniest fireflies story I've ever heard! LOL! I haven't actually seen a real firefly in years, but I remember when I was little that I'd get down on the ground to look at the ones that were hanging out down there. Oh, I hope this summer brings us those lovely little bugs!

Creag Emmons said...

Alicia, can you remember *where* in straylight you found them? I think I've found my new place and if I get it the FIRST thing I want to add is fireflies, but I went to straylight and couldn't find them!

Purty please?