Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Episode 302: The one where she doesn't do much.

I love when someone IMs me with a great place to visit or something I need to see. But it does make me laugh when it's a guy and they say "You have to see this! It's like space!" Umm...Inspire Space Park? Yes, seen it, thank you. LOL Not that it's not a GREAT place, and I have been a few times, but it's just amusing when it's suggested to me yet again. Ok, maybe I'm just tired, caffeine deprived, high on fried chicken, and everything's a bit amusing at the moment.

Since I'm procrastinating on doing anything worthwhile, I put a few links here in my blog to non-SL sites & blogs that I enjoy reading. I'd have added YouTube and YouPorn, but I figure everyone goes there anyway. :-p

And let me tell you how much I'm procrastinating. I went to dinner, watched tv, gave Mr. Kitty his flea treatment, stood around, and talked some smack. But now I'm hair shopping with Cen.

But I've said it before and I'll say it again... STOP WITH THE $1L DEMOS!!!! Geez!


Daman Tenk said...

Yay for YouPorn

Wrath said...

"high on fried chicken..."

Nope, can't say that's something I hear that every day.