Sunday, June 1, 2008

Woohoo, ETD's got new hair and I can't shop! Thanks SL!

First of all, I have to give a big W00T because Elika is back and there are 2 new hairs at ETD!!!!! I'm on my way to go get the Celia hair because it's just so cute. The Hayden hair is also just lovely but I think too glam for me. LOL Well, that's probably not the word I'm looking for. It's a lovely style but I think it would fit Cen more than it fits me.

Speaking of Cen, she and I celebrated the end to my shopping ban by - what else? - going shopping last night! We were on the hunt for casual summer items. But you know what? Either there just aren't that many stores that have casual things, or we suck as shoppers. LOL We ended up at Here Comes Trouble and had a blast finding things. We both bought 2 outfits each, and of course, since we can't seem to go anywhere without making a spectacle of ourselves, we broke out into dance when a good song came on.

Making a scene

[Wow, I just tried to go to ETD. It is CROWDED and LAGGY. I ended up crashing, which never happens! I guess I'll go later. LOL]

[Actually, I was just trying to get to Tymmerie's kissing booth, and the SLurls wouldn't work, the map wouldn't open, and when I go to relog, I keep getting "Login Failed." Dammit! I have to get a kiss!]

[Oh. "In-World service disruptions
Posted by Status Desk on June 1st, 2008 at 11:48 am PDT

Our central database is sad, which leads to disruptions in several inworld services, such as teleports, search and profiles not working, and transactions failing.

Please do not attempt any transactions with non-copy items at this time."

Well that sucks big time!]

So anyway. LOL Cen and I are looking for good shoe stores. We want nice flats and sneakers and summer casual shoes. I was trying to do a search for shoe stores, and I found out there is a sim called Shoes. Just Shoes.

[23:43] You: lmao...there's a sim called SHOES.
[23:43] You: that must be where all the shoes are!
[23:43] CeNedra Rivera: perfect
[23:43] CeNedra Rivera: all this time!
[23:43] CeNedra Rivera: lol
[23:43] CeNedra Rivera: who knew
[23:43] You: LMFAO
[23:43] CeNedra Rivera: is there a Sim called Men?

So we went over to Shoes and hopped on our bikes, because well, it's a lot of walking!

That won't fit.

We didn't really find any good shoes. We did find blinging mens flip flops, though. That's not all that great, actually.

But while we were riding around, we sim crossed and ended up in the Jewelry sim. Just Jewelry. After opening the map, we discovered that area had a lot of one word named sims. Shoes. Jewelry. Skins. Mall. Something. Yes, something. That led to us wanting to see something. Not just anything. Something!

What did we find? A Gorean marketplace. Well, that is something.

[0:08] Bell Tower shouts: CeNedra Rivera Rings the Bell!
[0:08] You: LMFAO
[0:08] CeNedra Rivera: oooo
[0:08] CeNedra Rivera: oops
[0:08] You: you're gonna get us collared! LMAO
[0:08] CeNedra Rivera: as all the Goreans come running!
[0:09] CeNedra Rivera: I"m damn fast on this bike LOL
[0:09] You: lmfao
[0:09] Bell Tower shouts: Alicia Chenaux Rings the Bell!
[0:09] CeNedra Rivera: YooooHooooo Goreans

It was a pretty awesome marketplace, as I've seen that most Gorean builds are very awesome. There were a few stores, which we peeked into, and we just rode our bikes all over the place.

[0:10] You: I wonder if the Goreans know where to get shoes.
[0:10] CeNedra Rivera: I don't think slaves wear shoes
[0:10] You: dammit.

Sure enough, I didn't see a single shoe store in the whole place. Lots of silks and costume shops, though.

And we ended the night with a story. But there weren't any pictures, so it wasn't a good story.

Time to read

I can't believe I still can't log in. What the hell, SL?

I'm going back to bed. My nose hurts.


CeN said...

LOL Ali I have so much freaking fun with you!
I'm not sure how a random 'Let's go shopping' ends up discovering funny named sims and running around a gorean build on our bikes but I'm glad it does :)

Quaintly Tuqiri said...

The central database is sad? Are they trying to be funny now? lol