Monday, April 14, 2008

Assume The Position

I slept SO MUCH today! I went to sleep shortly after my last post, and when I woke up, it was almost 9pm. What the heck? LOL This means I'll probably be up all night. I'd say I'm well on my way since it's after 2am.

So as such, and because pretty much everyone is in bed, I decided to revamp my furniture and turn my beds into sex beds. I didn't really intend on putting any scripts in the furniture ever. 1, it cuts down on lag for people, and 2, I thought people could put on their own poseballs with their own poses if they wanted. But after talking to a few people, I decided it was better to go ahead and do this because 1, people don't want to put down their own poses usually, and 2, people like sex. Ya pervs. ;)

But here's the problem I didn't think I'd encounter. Positions. All the animations must be positioned for the specific furniture. Talk about a pain in my ass! I thought that it was all about the same, but I'm blonde and should have figured that this would happen. Luckily once I get it done for one bed, I can save the position numbers and it will be easier to adjust for others because other beds I've made are all about the same height. Only the "nice" cuddles will be going into the Bar Graph bed, though, because that set, to me, seems like it belongs more in a kid's bedroom. This also means I should probably dig out all 50 thousand beds I've started building on and pull them out and finish them. Of course, I guess that could be said for every build in my inventory.

Someone just logged in and I want to spend some time with him, so end of post. :)


Unknown said...

Since I assume this "special person who just logged in" is not made of cardboard and therefore will not be frightened of campfires, I hope you will both come to the Blogger Meet Up at my house on Sunday so that I can meet him. :-P We'll reserve a couple's sleeping bag just for the two of you.

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! Nope, no papercuts from this one. I can't speak for him, but I'll be coming to the party. :)