Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Doing stuff

It has really been just one of those days. No, it wasn't bad really, but it just seemed really ... Oh, I don't know. :-p I've just been really tired the past few days. It's so funny how I can just go and go and go, but when I'm tired, I'm reallysupermega tired. I hate days like this because it gives me almost no blog material. But we'll see what we can do. :)

I did some shopping earlier today. Could that Seasons place be any more laggy?? I don't know what the deal is out there, but wow. I bought what looked like a very cute outfit on the poster, but it ended up being not so cute. The skirt had just strange texture glitches, and the neck piece of the top was just too bulky for the outfit. And you couldn't really wear it without the neckpiece because the top wasn't made that way. I'm sure I can resize and move things around and get it looking decent, but today I didn't feel like it. Luckily it was only $25L on sale so I didn't feel too ripped off. I went to another store someone had given me a LM to back during my "I can't find any casual dresses!" phase. It's called Kaimi's Normal Wear, and the outfits there are quite cute. I bought an outfit and picked up some free San Diego shirts. The outfit came with sandals and earrings, but the sandals were too big [they're for size 19 feet] and the earrings had bling. But I have that "no bling" script thing that I picked up on...I think Tymmerie's blog? I think. Anyway, it took care of the bling problem. :) I can't tell you guys how great that little script is.

AC/DC tribute tonight and it was fun as usual. I love our tribute sets. Next Monday's tribute is Black Sabbath, and then after that I think we're going to do 2 weeks of KISS, since they only have about a million songs, so it has to be split up. After the event, I stuck around to hear our new DJ and just hang out. He's a good one, took requests very fast, so that's always good. But it was a little too crowded and loud in there for me, so I took off and went back to work on the bed.

Ok, this is where it gets a bit embarrassing. I don't know what all the poses are supposed to look like. LOL So I'm there and I'm trying to position things into the proper place, and suddenly I realize I have NO CLUE where things are supposed to go. So I rezzed out another bed [well...it's a sex car. Where I got that from, I have no idea!] and then I just hopped back and forth trying to figure things out. Both the car and the bed just use the MLP system, so it's all the same really, but still tedious. I got it done for the Squares bed. On tomorrow's list is to get the nice cuddles into the bar graph bed and then position those. That shouldn't take AS much time, I don't think. I need to put the scripted bed in the boxes at the store and make a little sign that says that now you can roll around having sex on the bed.

Now I'm sitting quietly in my apartment, just catching up on blogs and forums and YouTube subscriptions. I'm thinking of going out to Pillow Talk to buy the matching pillow to my pillow with the blanket on it. Maybe. Or maybe I'll wait till tomorrow. I'm lazy!


Anonymous said...

morning! you said that y'all have a new DJ, do you happen to know of anyone else who needs one? my friend (inworld as Scottt Washborne) is an excellent DJ who sounds awesome, and he can get like any music people want. but he has trouble finding a steady gig. you know how clubs open and close so often. he's only been around since December too so that might put people off a little. but he sounds so good and if you hear of anyone who needs a great weeknight DJ can you please let me or him know? that would be so cool. :D

Aisuru Rieko

Alicia Chenaux said...

I'm not sure about other clubs, because I really don't go to any other clubs. LOL But I believe we're still hiring DJs if he can do rock/metal primarily. :) Or I'll be wanting DJs for our Viper Pit parties too, if he wants a little exposure. It's not a paying gig except for tips, but we usually have some club owners who stop by. Hmm...actually, depending on what times he's good for, I might know another club looking for DJs too.