Friday, April 25, 2008

New a rental space?

We're looking to bring in a few new vendors at The Viper Pit. [SLurl] What we would LIKE is for the merchants to be new designers, maybe just getting their start here in SL, or ones who just aren't ready for big time mall space. $100L a week for 20 prims. We can't offer a hell of a lot of traffic, but we can offer fun, weekly parties, and the people who hang out at the Pit like to shop. :) We have 4 spaces available, just open stalls, but the one in the corner does offer more of an enclosed feeling.

Here's the deal, though. It has to be stuff you've made. You can't be selling Business In A Box mess. And believe me, we'll know. ;) The Viper Pit is not high class. It's comfortable, it's a bit grungy, but it's lots of fun. At any given time, there's usually someone hanging out to chat with. The stalls are directly across from my store and from the diner, so it's a pretty good spot. :)

If you're interested in renting, just head on over and pick out a spot, or IM me and I'll give ya a tour.

Oh, and we also have a couple of apartments for rent in the way back, and a small one room "efficiency" apartment above the bodega. LOL I'll be putting some furniture in there, but it's also $100L a week for 20 prims. If anyone's interested. :)

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