Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I'm Unemployed! For now. LOL

So Liquid Rage is closing its doors. But, no worries. It'll be opening again, or a new version of it will be, in the near future. Smaller, more intimate, and hopefully without that long walk to the stairs that I know some of you didn't care for. :) And yes, I'll be rejoining them as a host, and probably a DJ, and maybe more.

[Um, and "intimate" doesn't mean they're reopening as a strip/escort club. LOL]

But until that time comes, I'm on a brief vacation, which means I can spend more time at The Viper Pit, and working on my own products, and having some fun. I think it's a great move all around, really.

Speaking of the pit, don't forget to Get Humped tomorrow with us! :-D I'm going to be actually putting a tentative playlist together, but like Cen says, I do pretty well on the fly. But it's helpful for me to kind of know what to at least start with. If you look over to the right, you'll find the SLurl for the pit. Come visit anytime!

Well, since my afternoon is suddenly free, I think I'll go shopping for guns. We have a great new shooting game at the pit in the back, and I need to drop some $L on some decent weapons.

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Andria Meredith said...

Oooooh, guns are fun. In SL of course, where no one dies or has to go to the hopsital. ^^;; I remember going gun shopping for the first time; I think that's when I discovered flamethrowers are fun too.

Oh, and I forgot to check what TIME the hump-day thing is? I do have a movie I need to go to at 7-ish for my Gobal Film class but before or after I'll definitely drop by. =]