Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Things. Damn, I should have called my store that!

I really should be in bed...but who can sleep after sleeping so much already? :-p I didn't go back to hit more stores in the Red Stick hunt tonight because I was spending time with a very special guy, and honestly, I'm not sure if I'll even complete the hunt. Oh damn, I still need to go hunting at EarthStones. I only had found one stick there. Maybe I should log back in...

I might have some news for you guys later. But I have to get the big thumbs up first before talking about it. :)

For those of you who loved Last Call, Ginny's former partner Katterina has teamed up with another designer and they've created a store called Archange, which will be in the old Last Call location. It opens tonight at 9pm SLT. I don't think I'll be attending the opening. That's sure to be a packed house! From the preview picture I saw, the clothes are definitely stunning and will satisfy everyone who is missing Last Call. Of course, it's their own work, but just from the picture, you can see Ginny's influence shining through.

I'm working a lot this coming week. Tonight at 7pm, I'm hosting a tribute to AC/DC with DJ Punisher. I'm so excited about it! Our tributes are awesome because Punisher not just plays music, but does it mostly chronologically by album, and gives facts. And I give out facts too about the band and the songs. So our tributes aren't just a time to listen to music, they're a time to learn stuff too. :) Then Tuesday at 3pm, I'm hosting a Panty Raid, so wear your undies! I don't normally host the 3pm events, but we lost a host this past week [I'm sad about that, actually, because I really liked her but she was unreliable] so I'm filling in. Then Wednesday, I think I'm going to get a party going at The Viper Pit because we're trying to boost traffic. I don't know what theme I'll do. I'd love to do a set of dance/techno type music and pass out glowsticks. But I'm so into these mash-ups lately, I'd hate to not play them. But honestly, I could do about any, disco, love songs, 80s. My computer is stuffed full of music. :-p And then Thursday at 7, I'm hosting an 80's party with DJ Punisher, which I'm really excited about. And naturally if you're in my group, you'll be seeing my notices for the parties as they come up. :) If anyone still wants in my group, just comment or IM me. I don't know that I'll ever have open enrollment because of all the random spam I've seen lately in other groups.

Ok, I'm going to go nap for a bit. I don't want to get my schedule COMPLETELY turned around.

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Andria Meredith said...

Wow, you ARE going to be a busy girl this week! If I don't get bogged down with schoolwork (as my gender issues class is threatening) I'll drop by and party a bit. =]