Friday, April 4, 2008

Searching For Ponies

All you writers that love freebies, Fab Free is looking for some new writers because Cherlindrea got a RL promotion and her time for freebie hunting & blogging is going to be cut down. I know what some of you are thinking. Why don't I try out for it. Well, to be honest, as much as I love writing and as much as I love gift hunting, it's never been my intention to write for a "big name" blog. I don't advertise my blog, and there are people that I see regularly that don't even know that I HAVE a blog. I'd rather this stay something that I do because I love it, and not ever feel like I have to do it. :) But I know some of you are EXCELLENT writers and fantastic gift hunters, so try out!!

With spring here and summer around the corner, I decided that I needed some ponytails or other casual hair styles. Now you all know my ETD addiction, and it would have been easy to go to ETD, but I didn't for two reasons. 1 - I want to give other designers and try. And 2 - I have pretty much every style at ETD right now that I like. I know, isn't that sad? :-p

But I don't really know a whole lot of great hair shops, and that made looking for ponytails today pretty hard. I went to Calla, Celestial Studios, and Magika today. I got a ton of demos. Calla and Magika have free demos, and the ones at Celestial are $1L each. Honestly, I'm 10 times more likely to buy hair from a store with free demos, but I just loved the textures at Celestial, so buying the demos wasn't a problem.

Did I buy any hair? No. I don't know, I guess I'm just not in a shopping mood right now [although I did run across to LaLa FooFoo while I was at Celestial and bought a black tank top] but more than that, I'm picky. Textures have to be JUST right, the blonde has to be JUST right, and of course the style has to be JUST RIGHT. I like ponytails with flexi to them, or braided, but I'm not too big on the flat pressed hair on a texture thing.

The big problem I've encountered is that it's somehow really hard to make a blonde texture look real, or even just not brassy and slick or dull and boring. I don't really care for overly shiny hair textures. In the darker colors, it can look amazing. But it's hard to do that for blonde. The textures at Celestial are very beautiful and it's almost a fairy tale blonde, especially the platinums. But I didn't care for the blonde textures at Calla too much. The darker colors were gorgeous, but of course I'm not a brunette. :) Magika had some good hair, but for me it's hair that is more for when I'm being a neko rather than everyday hair, much like my hair from Deviant Kitties.

I don't know. I guess I'll continue on my hunt. I don't mind not matching "my" blonde exactly, and I have even been going more platinum lately here and there, but I am still very texture picky. Considering the price of most hair out there, that's absolutely not a bad thing.

More on the hunt for hair later. I have an event to go to.

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Anonymous said...

All I have to say is: Aden "Charlize" (in the same pack you get a short and long version, long is a single ponytail) is a favorite of mine. Whenever I put it on, it's days later that I take it off. I've found it also works great with hats without much or no fussing! For blondes I like the "light blonde" color.