Monday, April 21, 2008

Free Hair, No Q, New Build, and Come Be Blue!

So if you didn't hear the news, Free Speerit [SLurl] has allll the hair there for free. I managed to make my way in late late last night. Not all of it is great, but some of it may work. It's just female hair. Sorry, guys. :)

And in other news, RaC is now Laqroki. [SLurl] I don't know why. lol I went in last night and picked up a few of the demo skins, but they didn't look very good on my shape. I don't think they're new really. Just RaC skins but now you can buy them one at a time. Before, you could only buy a pack of 6 for $4000L. Of course, I'm sure some justified it as "Well, that only comes to approximately $667L per skin." Now they're almost $1300L each. I'll stick to my La Sylphide skin, thank you. :) It's cheaper and I like the way it looks a whole lot better. I may end up going back to RaC [Laqroki seems wrong to be because there's no U after the Q] to get the "Saturday" hair, which was really cute on me.

I spent some time today building a little something that made me laugh. Once I get it finished, I'll be passing it out for free in my group and then putting it for sale in my store. It may be one of the slightly more practical things I've made lately. If you're interested in being in the Ch'Know group, just IM me in-world or leave a comment here. There's just too much spamming from the "super great designers only $10L!" crowd in the groups lately. But don't ask to join if you don't know that we might just start randomly talking or if you don't like me popping up notices about parties here and there. :-p

And speaking of parties, it's Blue Monday today at the club. I'll be hosting and my buddy Punisher will be DJing. IM me if you want a tp out there to hang out with me and maybe win some money. :)

I just realized I'm OUT of peanut butter and that will NEVER do because I almost live on PB&J. LOL I know, it's sad. Plus, and this is more of a tragedy in the making, I'm almost out of diet coke!!

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