Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Panties & Pillow Talk

I can't believe I forgot to do this last night. I wanted to publicly wish Sophia Harlow a happy 1 year anniversary to her SL hubby - who is now also her RL hubby! :) Hope you had a good one!

I hosted a Panty Raid event today. I always feel so exposed during these events, even though what I'm wearing is completely tame compared to the butt floss and pasties others put on. lol

Tomorrow at 7pm, we're having a Best In Red & Black party over at The Viper Pit. :) I'll be DJing, of course, but I think I want to bring in other DJs too at some point for other parties. Maybe not established ones. Maybe ones that don't mind working for tips as long as they're able to just stretch their DJ wings and play for fun. Unfortunately, the DJs I know right now are all "professionals" in SL and expect to be paid. LOL Plus most of them have very set schedules anyway. And these parties are more for fun and to help us boost traffic, not really for money or anything.

Ok, so I went out to Pillow Talk last night to look for the partner pillow to the Cover Me Spooning pillow I have. There was a male partner to what I have, and when you put them together, it makes one big blanket. But I couldn't find it! I found the one I have already, but not the male version. If you use the All search option that's not the old one, you can see objects on the land, but I didn't see it there either. I ended up buying another spooning pillow with no blanket. If anyone happens to go to Pillow Talk and finds it, IM me right away!

Of course, just being on the Pillow Talk sim is like balm to me. I sat out there for a long time playing with different skies in Windlight. I don't care what anyone says...Windlight is beautiful.

Chillin' with a birdie

I have completed my "work" for the day. Yay. That means I can go shopping. :)

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Anonymous said...

Okay, you are too adorable. Thank you! That was just so sweet of you!

-Sophia Harlow