Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jokes, Dances, and Free Heels!

I don't often have jokes, because I'm terrible at remembering punchlines, but I wanted to share this one.

A priest walks by a prostitute standing on the corner and he stops and asks, "Excuse me, young lady. What would your mother do if she saw you standing here?" The prostitute says, "Oh she'd kill me! This is her corner!"


In other news, In Web World of 24/7 Stress, Writers Blog Till They Drop. Did you hear that, guys? We're finally gonna die! :-p

I went out to Sine Wave last night to check out the new dances - and what is a new look to the place. I liked the old look better. Although the new dances are wonderful quality, most of them are too sexy for me. Where I work, overly sexy dances look extremely out of place. I guess I could start collecting the ones I like and just make another chim for them, but given the choice between buying a dance that I can use anywhere and one that has me rolling on the floor like a cat in heat, I'll take the first. The ones that weren't slutty weren't really what I wanted this time, although I did like the tap dancing one. I may end up going back to get it. I want to find some real ballet toe shoes in SL. All the ballet slippers I see are basically just elongated spheres. Of course, real toe shoes may require an AO to go along with them. Ok, someone get to work making that for me, thanks. :)

But check this out! While I was writing this post, I did a search for "Ballet" in SL. Of course that led to a lot of fetish stuff, but check it out! If you're into fetish stuff, you have to come here to Evil Grins. [SLurl] I guess the shoe store is called DXD. I've never heard of it before, but I'm not very fetishy so maybe it's well known? Go up to where it says "DXD Freebie High Heels" [it's under a big picture] and right click on the box and select "Worship."

Kneeling for shoes

You'll kneel down in front of two pairs of feet-hurting shoes. Press each button on the box and you'll get a pair of "Slave" heels and a pair of "Mistress" heels. You won't be able to get them without kneeling!

Mistress Heels

Mistress heels

Slave Heels

Slave heels

Not really something I'd wear on a regular basis. LOL But they're pretty fierce looking. Maybe some of you will enjoy them and get some use out of them. :) I think Ninja Kitty may wear the Mistress heels the next time she's out running around.

I'm so freaking sleepy right now, and I still have an event tonight to host. I need to wake up. Maybe I should kick myself with my new Mistress heels. lmao

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Anonymous said...

Another source (besides Sine Wave, that is) for mocap dances (meaning they're good quality) is Animazoo. I have tons of dances from there.

As for ballet, Pixel Dolls has a ballet outfit and a separate ballet AO. the shoes look like....system shoes? could it be? but the AO might work if you find a pair of shoes you like...Slurl to pixel dolls:

Can you tell I'm procrastinating?? ;P