Thursday, April 3, 2008

This, That, and some other things.

Looks like Windlight was rolled out into the main viewer. I've been using Windlight for a while now, and have found the past two Release Candidate viewers to be incredibly stable [as stable as anything in SL is] so I haven't felt the need to transfer over into the main viewer. In fact, the last RC update was so good, I - and get ready for this - I don't always need my facelight. Surprising!! But, if you absolutely cannot stand Windlight or it's not working on your comp, check this post over at the SL blog and you can go download the previous viewer again. But I suggest that if you CAN run the new viewer, do so. Or move over to the RC viewer with me. You'd be surprised how your SL experience is enhanced and almost any problem you have will be one of those gridwide things having to do with asset servers and whatnot. I'm not saying I don't crash occasionally still, and that I don't still get lag, but on the whole, I'm very pleased with the upgrades and updates. My computer is older, and I probably have 7 gigs of memory left in the whole thing [I so badly need to call in my geek squad!], but I guess my video card is strong. I don't know very much about computers. That's why I have a personal geek squad.

I am still unbelievably sad. And I really didn't expect to be THIS sad. I have to host tonight, so I'll have to suck it up and be cheerful for a couple of hours.

Oh damn. I forgot about that Visit Mexico thing. I'll have to go later on to check it out.

I have been invited to DJ at a 48 hour benefit for breast cancer in a couple of weeks. I'm completely flattered. There are much better DJs than I am out there, that's for sure. But I believe I'll accept because it's for a good cause.

And according to Cen, there's already been some entries for THE AMAZING DATE GAME. Fun!! Remember, you have until 11:59 SLT on Sunday April 6th to get your entries in!!

It's really stuffy in my house today, so I think a nice long shower is necessary to cool me off and hopefully lift my spirits. I miss Sam!!!

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Anonymous said...

7 gigs of memory? Are you quite sure? A rather nice comp today would come with only 4 - brand new and not cheap. :) You could get 8, probably, if you're some kind of a super-mega-alpha-geek... but I have 2 and I think my 1yo comp is quite hawt. :)