Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The funniest April Fools joke [IMHO] comes from Eolande Elvehjem who proudly said that she'd now be including BLING in all her accessories, and as a special preview to her group, gave out this necklace.

It's not's BLANG!

Please tell me again why people find bling attractive? :-p I thought she was serious for a bit until I really read the notecard and then looked at the item description.

[What really worries me is that someone's going to actually wear this out!]

Today was one of those days in SL that I really enjoy. I got to spend time with almost everyone who is important to me. :) I know such incredible people in SL, it's always a joy to get to see them for more than 5 minutes at a time. Although, it doesn't always make for a productive day. But given the choice between spending time with the people I care about and sitting there fussing with tiny prims or scouting out places to take pictures, well that's a no brainer.

NOW FOR WEDNESDAY - Oh you want to be reading my next post! Cen and I have cooked up a little something and I'll have all the details when I post again. :)


Anonymous said...

Gimme dat funky chain *bling-bling*

*kitty rolls over laughing and dies*

I get the chain and you host a "BAD TASTE OF ALL TIMES" partee.. then I can blind all them dastardly Money-Bag-Rapists! LOLOL


WillowC said...

ROFL your face in the picture is cracking me up!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Amethyst - Oh my gosh, what a terrific event idea!! I think we'd crash a sim with bling, though. LOL!

Willow - I LOVE how "Disney" my face looks with some of these facial expressions!

Anonymous said...

/me chuckles wickedly

Ali we really shouldn't be left alone, the plans our tired minds come up with are just outrageous

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! I know...who was dumb enough to not keep us busy so that we didn't have time to IM each other and come up with this?

Anonymous said...

ROFL great pic Alicia! :D Hilarious!

And I agree about the bling...

oh reminds me of a pic I took the other day I should post...

Andria Meredith said...

The sad part is, it would be a really cute necklace if it didn't look like 20 hazard lights going off at once.