Friday, April 11, 2008

Can't login, so random pictures!!

It's Friday, so of course SL is having issues again. :) I'm not too upset over it. I try not to let things that aren't very important in the grand scheme of it all to get to me. But it amazes me how there are some people who get SO ANGRY every time SL flubs up that I expect the next news report I read to have the headline, "Person's Head Explodes Because They Couldn't Log On To A Virtual World."

And of course I have to wonder... Why are they still here if this upsets them THAT much? They sit at their computers, scream bloody murder that this and that isn't working, and practically work themselves up into a seizure - and yet they remain!! Well, how stupid is that? Things are never going to work 100% of the time. When I use Photoshop, I crash out sometimes. When I play Guitar Hero, sometimes the game lags between the shopping part and the playing part. Heck, even when I'm blogging, sometimes the auto-save doesn't work. And even though I don't use the service, I know Snapzilla has been having a lot of issues lately. But I sigh, roll my eyes, and wait. Because in the end, it isn't all that bad. Eventually things will work again. And a program that really is still very new and this complex cannot be expected to be perfect. That's just how I think of it. I'm not trying to be an LL cheerleader or anything. I know things suck sometimes. But they don't suck enough for me to work myself up into such a frenzy that I pee on the floor like an overexcited dog.

I haven't been awake very long yet. How lazy am I? :) But I ended up staying up a little later than I planned on staying up. Not complaining about it at all, though. ;)

So I take a lot of pictures, right? But I forget sometimes to resize and post them. Since I have nothing else to do at the moment, here we go!

Rage said that she bought some cute pink boxers from AITUI. But what she didn't realize is that they had something drawn on front. Then we all laughed because seriously, that's some bend there.

She's packin'!

And speaking of big's someone I never thought I'd see working a dance pole. :)

Rick workin' the pole

Last night was our Trailer Trash party at the club, and Tristan came to hang with me. She brought a friend, and he went she pulled this sign out. I LOVE IT.

LOL! He needs some tissues

Here's Tristan again, after the event. Because it was Miller time. LOL


And here's a pic of me about to fall down drunk with my baby on my back. This is why I can't be a mom. Not to mention I took the baby into the mosh pit with me. Someone start saving up - Leeroy Billy Bob Ricky Joe is going to need therapy. And yes, that is a beer can hat on my head and a penis sipper in my hand. LOL Tristan was giving out free penis to everyone!

Trailer Trash Party

Hmm...logins still down. Guess it's time for a shower and lunch. :) The next post will reveal the identity of the mystery designer from the last post!


Anonymous said...

/me squints and tilts her head

I think I know that backside.

Alicia Chenaux said...

LOL! Well, yes...I think YOU would know it. :) That's over when he was doing yet another relinking of the club we never go to. :-p