Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not creative enough for a title today

SO... Since my normal 7pm event had been moved to 8pm, people either got confused or had made other plans, because if it hadn't been for 2 lovely ladies of the Ch'Know group and one awesome blog reader, the event would have been dead in the water. Insert big fat sighs right here. Big thanks to Andria, QueenKellee, and RedIce for coming out! It was quiet, but at least I got to know you all a little better. :)

After the event, we all hopped over to The Viper Pit to meet a newbie Cen was dancing with. I almost felt bad for him because suddenly he was surrounded by all these gorgeous women. LOL And not just gorgeous women, but gorgeous women who looooove to shop. If he hadn't logged, I have no doubts that we would have gone on a makeover tour.

I hopped over to do the Seasons hunt that was blogged on Free*Style. It was a quick and easy hunt, which I loved. And I got some great items out of it. The dresses I picked up had to be edited and moved around so I didn't look like a big cupcake, but that's ok. :) And I got to sit in a Lucky Chair and picked up another dress! My letter almost never comes up in Lucky Chairs, so I'm always excited when it does.

But even better, when I went over to Raglan Shire, I got my chance at another Lucky Chair and ended up with a Raven-Phoenix shoulder pet. He's sooo cute. I actually ended up with 2 of them, because after I sat the first time, my letter came up again, so I sat again. LOL

My new pet

I'm wearing one of the dresses I picked up at Seasons. It's either from the hunt or was just a gift. I forgot now. They showed it off a bit differently on Free*Style, but if I wore it like it came out of the box, I'd look...well, like a cupcake.

After my little trip to the Shire, I decided to make a pitstop to a nice little garden to see if it's a place I'd like to take some pictures at with my honey. Turns out, it is. Guess where I am! ;)

Garden Posing

I know ONE of you will know where that garden is. LOL

The sun is coming up, but I'm still not tired. One of these days I'll give up caffeine again, I promise!


Dyami Jameson said...

Sorry Alicia, guess I should have made it over there for a few minutes......but I was having too much fun sitting in on Cen's SL101 class. She was very helpful to the guy I think.

Anonymous said...

Well "SL101" is alot harder when I have an audience, and when the pupil is a boy.

Unknown said...

You made it over to our garden!!! YAY!! There are some very cute slow dance and kissing couples balls (as well as some relaxing singles balls) hidden around the garden. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting, Alicia!!

Alicia Chenaux said...

She gives a great SL101. Of course, I really did feel sorry for the guy when all of us girls descended upon him. LOL

But yes, I agree. The class tends to be harder when it's for a guy. But I think that's because usually we have to judge if the guy is going to suddenly start hitting on us or what!

Tymm, I think I tried out every poseball in the garden! LOL Well, the singles anyway. I'm sooo taking Levi there one evening for dancing and pics. It's just lovely!!

Andria Meredith said...

*grins* The poor boy was certainly overwhelmed, but I think he handled it well. Last night was relaxing though, I don't remember the last time I just stood around chattering without any "gotta go do [blank]" involved. ^^

Jerremy Darwin said...

Oppps, sorry to say that I have packed up Tym's Garden for now. Last night we bought some new land and will set it up somewhere there. I am glad you at least got to see it. We will let you know when the bigger and better one is done :-)