Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quit Raping My Money Bag!

That's the best title I think I've ever done. :)

At the club where I work, we recently got a "money bag" sploder. It's legal because you aren't required to put any money in it to play, and people can choose to "sponsor" it. I have a suspicion that this money bag thing also does SOMETHING to tell people where it is and where it's being played.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at the club listening to my friend DJ when suddenly 15 people teleported in and each one of them ran directly to the money bag and entered. They didn't dance. Most of them didn't say hi. The majority of them didn't speak English. But they sure got in on that money bag. Then last night during the event I was hosting, bam! Same thing! 20 people in the club, 15 of them standing there like statues except for entering the money bag. I started threatening to kick people out if they weren't dancing. [I would have too...if my boss hadn't been there.]

I just feel like they've come in to rape the money bag. They're not interested in the club, or in the music. They just want to click on the bag and maybe put $2-3L in it. I don't know... Yes, it's good for traffic. But it's also a great strain on whoever is working because we have to greet everyone who comes in. When they all fall in on top of each other, it's just a constant "Hi Money Bag Rapist!" over and over and over. Luckily they don't all stick around for more than 30 minutes or so. Or I guess whenever we stop putting a lot of $L in the damn thing.

Needless to say...I hate that money bag.

In other news, SL was totally broken today. :-p I tried logging in for an hour before I was finally able to get in. I attempted to teleport over to my store, which I managed to do, and now I'm sitting quietly in my beanbag, staring at a belt I'm trying to make.

People need to sign in to entertain me. I'm obviously unable to do it myself today.

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