Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun & Secret Reflections

I was going to go to bed right after Levi logged off [which was about an hour ago. I kept him up too late again!] but I suddenly had a huge craving for french toast. I didn't make really great french toast, it was basically just egg & bread, but it managed to knock the craving out. [Don't get any ideas. I just had a craving because I saw a commercial - no other reason!]

LOL...that reminds me of a conversation Levi and I had tonight. Sorry, baby. I have to post it. You crack me up. :)

Levi: if I had been here more
Levi: we prolly woulda already had kids
Me: lmfao
Levi: :)
Me: well since tymmerie hasn't sent over the SLondoms yet... lmao
Levi: do you know how much i had to pay for that delivery to get lost!
Me: :-O

Tonight was really fun. I don't know, I felt a lot, I guess. But without any club events to distract me, and without any really great sales, and since I didn't want to build, and Levi wasn't online...I actually had a chance to be bored. It does NOT happen to me often, believe me! I usually have loads to things to occupy my time. So I decided to occupy my time tonight by playing with our new shooting range at the pit, and generally being annoying to everyone hanging out there. :) Ok, I PROBABLY could have been more annoying, and I could have just randomly shot people with my new guns, but I have some manners. Luckily, Levi logged in and managed to take me off everyone's hands. :-p

He and I went out to this place called Secret Reflections tonight. It was so pretty! If I was going to make a sim, it would be like this, I think. With lots of trees and waterfalls and very fairy tale. It was also a great place to take some pictures!

Leaf Cuddle

Windlight is fun!

Pick me up!

He grunted in that last picture when he had to pick me up. No, really! We were in voice together and I heard him. I think it's time for me to go on a diet. :-p

Of course, everywhere I go, I usually end up seeing some fashion disaster. This girl couldn't stop running all over the place for some reason. I think it's because she had what appears to be strips of toilet paper embedded in her butt.

Crazy girl

We stumbled into a little camping area [like, real camping, not $L camping] and settled in a bag for a while so we could talk. He makes me smile so much, my cheeks pretty much hurt for ages afterwards. :) It's not just that he's kind, and smart, and sexy, and puts up with my infatuation for corny love songs...he's all of those things, but the best part is that he's got this sense of humor that just makes me laugh so much and I'm telling you, that is priceless to me. I'm so lucky.

Ok ok, enough mushy. :)

Don't forget, tonight at 8pm SLT, it's time to GET HUMPED at The Viper Pit! We're gonna have so much fun! Our parties are usually loads of fun so I hope to see a lot of you there!! There's no theme this time around, so wear whatever. :) Bring your friends and prepare to Get Humped!!

I better get in bed or I'll be too tired for Hump Day!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Do you have a magnet that attracts these fashion "individualists" (if you don't have something nice to say... LOLOL)???
Either I'm blind or they don't shop where I shop and they sure as hell don't run about there either! :D

Anonymous said...

Secret nice pics and sounds like a very romantic place! Would love to go to should post an SLURL! :D

*wave* I'm Therese and I've been reading your blog for a whileXD....Thanks for fun reads!

Unknown said...

Wow, I sent the SLondoms FedSLex. They are usually so reliable. Anyhoo, when you have your prim babies, just remember to name at least one or two after me. :-P