Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is why I'm ... not really all that hot. :-p

There's really nothing better than waking up and having a bunch of comments to respond to. :) I love it! I'm surprised people want to be in my group. LOL Of course, I'm still pretty surprised anyone reads my blog, so as you can see, I'm surprised a lot of the time. But yeah, don't be scared to talk in my group. I know there are so many groups out there where you aren't allowed to say anything, but I don't want to be like that. What if you really have a question, or you're just bored and want to see if anyone is doing anything fun? I think it's a little silly that I'm in 23 groups and I can only talk in like, 2 of them. LOL IM me if you want to be invited in, or leave me a comment. I'll get you in as quick as I can. :)

I'm in a silly mood today. I used to not care what I looked like when I went running around shopping, but at some point [probably around the time I started getting more people reading this] I stopped going out in outfits that were just fun and opted to go out in things that are pretty. I decided today that I didn't care.

This is why I'm hot.

This is why people can't take me anywhere.

I headed out to the Discord sim last night. It's kind of a neat place. I loved the bracelets I picked up, but the shirts I didn't like so much. I also picked up the free skirt at Pochette [the one that's on the Discord sim, not at the main store], but I wasn't really too keen on it. It looked great in pictures that I've seen, but on me it was somehow not right. The bracelets did make me realize that I really want to make a chain necklace that I've had the design for in my head for the past couple of weeks. I can't do the necklace with LoopRez, though, because it's got an odd shape, so all the links will have to be fitted by hand. I think that's the reason I haven't done it. I'm lazy. LOL Of course, I popped out a pineapple hat in about 10 minutes yesterday, so it's not that I'm super lazy...I'm just a little lazy if the idea doesn't make me laugh right away.

It's lunchtime!

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Anonymous said...

I badly want to join your group... now I just need to figure out which group to drop, lol. Figure I might be inworld later tonight (uh... 7am SLT? I'm bad at calculations) and then I'll go sort through my groups list!