Friday, March 21, 2008

Randomosity - Part 2

Last night just as I was getting ready to head to bed, the cute little Macey IMed to let me know one of the freebie packs in my store wasn't marked for sale. That puzzled me because I know that last week it had been. So I tped over and sure enough, it wasn't for sale. The even more weird part, the contents were completely gone and the box was marked simply "Object." I fixed it, and then looked at my other product posters. One other was no longer for sale, but did still have the contents. So weird! This is going to drive me mad for a few days and I'll be constantly checking all the posters.

You know, I don't understand why people are wishing me a "happy" Good Friday. It's not really a day that you ... celebrate [well, not if you're a Christian, anyway.] It is primarily a day of penance. Although I know it's a celebrating day to some of you because you get off of work! :) You can wish me a Happy Easter, though. :)

Speaking of Easter, could the grid have gone more hunt crazy?! I am overwhelmed!! I like hunts, but there's so many I don't know if I'm hunting eggs or bunnies or rings or what. So let's just put it this way - if you go shopping anywhere this weekend, just look for random prims on the ground or hiding somewhere. Chances are, you've stumbled into a hunt.

Lunchtime. :)

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