Friday, March 28, 2008

From Crampy To Bouncy

I woke up this morning with the WORST cramp in my leg!! Oh my god, I couldn't even straighten it out, it was that crazy. So combine that with no coffee this morning, and I was in a pretty foul mood when I logged in.

But that changed when the awesome Celeron Voom of Urban Trash [SLurl] dropped a shirt on me that was made especially for me!!!

Princess Blogger

Princess Blogger! LOL How great it that?? I just love it. I think I'll wear it everywhere now so people know who I am. :-p

My friend Etherian took me on a little shopping trip today to Earthstones, and I finally bought the chakra belly chain I've been wanting. It has a resize script in it so FINALLY a belly chain that isn't a hula hoop on me!! I picked up a few other things too, including that gorgeous diamond flower set that is in rose quartz that was made for Relay For Life. So see? My shopping isn't always just about me...sometimes it's for charity too. :)

He also took me to this super crazy place that had things to ride and do and bounce on. Tons of fun!!

Crazy Place


He's a hamster

After the crazy place, we went back to my diner and hung out with Sam while I changed my outfit about eleventy-million times and fussed with my belly chain.

Oh! And I bought my new skin from La Sylphide. :) [SLurl] You can see it in the first picture. It's just so lovely, and I can't stop looking at how pretty my lip color is. I MUST find this shade in RL. Can you believe it? This is the first skin in SL that I've paid more than $100L for. But it's the first one I just couldn't live without having. :)

Ooh, and the sale at Reaction [SLurl] has been extended a couple more days, if you haven't been by yet!! Of course I had to go hit that again too, although there isn't much in there left that I wanted and don't already have.

So although my day started off with me hurting and cursing like a truck driver, it's shaped up into a very very nice day. :)

Wait wait, I almost forgot!! I'm officially stating that tomorrow evening we're having a party in the courtyard at The Viper Pit, which is where my store is located. More details later on what time and if there's a theme, but I hope to see a bunch of you there! :)


Anonymous said...

LMAO Princess!

I still need a "Yes I really know Ali" shirt.

Anonymous said...

Do you have the name of the "super crazy place" it's looks like it would be fun to visit.