Saturday, March 1, 2008

Another no building day. Ooops.

So to get the fashion stuff out of the way first - Ladies, be sure to join the Ivalde update group and hop over to the store to get your free dress. You've all probably seen it on the various freebie blogs, so you know it's pretty. Also, thanks to a tip from Quaintly, Simone is having a $100L sale right now. I went there tonight and was kind of bummed out because for some insane reason, Simone makes her dress prims NO MODIFY. What the hell?

Ok designers, please listen to me. If you make a prim attachment, it HAS to be modifiable. Not all avatars are the same size. I usually won't buy an outfit at all if I can't modify the skirt. My suggestion is to build it smaller than you would otherwise, since it's usually easier to size up than down. Why a long time designer like Simone doesn't do this, I have no clue. Why no modify? What is the purpose? Of course, I read her welcome note when I teleported in and it wasn't exactly friendly. I also picked up a $5L dress which she said had been stolen and that's why she's selling it for $5L, and that note was kind of bitchy as well. So who knows...maybe she does what she wants and to hell with everyone else. All I know is that she lost out on several hundred linden from me tonight because of her no modify thing. Such a shame too, as she had such great little sundresses.

I did look at her formals, though. See, I'm DJing Prom Night at my club on Sunday and I figure that I need a new dress for it. :) [I also need a date, but whatever. LOL] I couldn't decide if I wanted to be sexy, elegant, princess-like, funky, or just hot. But then I found the most beautiful dress. Fluffy and a steely baby blue with a beautiful bodice. I bought it and ran home to try it on. Although I would prefer to make the skirt just a TINY bit smaller, it did fit well enough for me to really like it. So I'll be a princess for the prom. :)

Speaking of events, tonight there was a silks event. The lag in the place started getting pretty bad with all the flexi and scripted silks in there, so I started turning things off. I turned off the prims and the alphas. Then I laughed because suddenly there were a lot of bald naked folks in there.


Earlier today I went to a motorcycle shop and they had free bikes. Of course I picked up all the pink ones. :-p

I can't drive.


As you can see. I cannot drive. But late tonight, Cen's guy Rick let me try his high priced fancy pants bike. It was a lot easier to handle and now I want one. LOL

So on a "What the hell" note, earlier I got a notice that there were free "Perfect Partners" being given away. These are basically cut-outs of avatars and they say things at random, and if you click them, you get the gift of a freebie rose and a heart poofer.

My new boy

It's pretty sad. LOL Eugene was getting fresh with me so Wrath came to kick his ass. And to yell at him for being a poser and wearing his outfit.


But well, only one real ass kicking went on tonight.


That's right. He got beat by a girl. A tiny girl! Oh snap! :)

So did I get much building done today? No. LOL Well, I did some retexturing of the grenade and I built a canteen. But I got some more ideas from the guys tonight, so I'm sure I'll be working again quite soon. I don't think I'll be going anywhere Saturday, so I'll etch out some time to really get to work.


Calaya Criss said...

ww I agree about the no modify stuff, that's like making no mod hair! but with stuff that's mod it can be ripped off super easy, so I bet a lot of designers will eventually do this. or make them different sizes...which sigh is bad because I apparently have a big butt and am always modding my skirts and dresses lol

Unknown said...

OMG Alicia - I LMAO at the scene of Wrath and you and the cut out all brawling. OMG TY so much for the laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

The perfect partner thing is just too funny!

OMG I haven't tried the dresses I got from Simone. I hope they fit! -_-"

*runs off to try on her new dresses*