Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I have a new boyfriend - again!

I have some of the goofiest friends in SL. :-p I was standing around my place trying to figure out what to wear to the event I'm hosting right now. Yes, multi-tasker. :-p So I'm standing there and I get a gift from SLX, with the message from my friend Dade that says it's from him and Rage because they love me. I know right away that this cannot be good. LOL I especially know it can't be good when both of them IM me laughing hysterically. So I open it up.

They bought me a new boyfriend. LMAO


Oh yes, it's one of those Perfect Partners that I've blogged here before. This one is named Sebastian, and he's a jock. So freakin' funny. They bought another one for the club and modded it so it says dirty things. But they said that they thought it was a perfect gag gift and wanted to send to someone who wouldn't get all bitchy over it. I laughed a lot! These things crack me up! They also said they wanted to help me out with my dateless problem. :-p

[Not that that's been a big problem lately... ]

Btw, do you see my shoes? I made them. LOL They're so deliciously cheap looking. They're fashioned after some cheap sandals I bought one summer that had fake flowers all over the top. I have an obsession with buying just the cheapest sandals that are cute in the summer. You don't feel bad getting your shoes wet in the sprinklers or dirty if you only paid a buck for them.

So only Casius answered the question I posed in my post before the last one. In the pretend men's only treasure hunt, Cas wanted gifts from Form, Redgrave, Blaze, Desert Moon Clothiers, Made Men, and Shiny Things. Are there more stores that you guys would love to see in a hunt? Who knows... maybe this idea could take off. :)

Btw, you ladies who are running around in white strappy heels and black hose, I'm about to stop being nice to you. I mean it. I'm about to start calling you all out on your poor fashion choice. I'm just giving warning.

I'm tired, but I'm wound up now from the event. Remind me never to sign up for a midnight shift again.


Unknown said...

Sweetie, you have mentioned dating a couple of times now and I am becoming concerned. I think someone needs to sit down with you and explain the birds and the blue pose balls to you. I am willing to step up to the plate. Jerremy can provide the male perspective. I am just concerned about our sweet, innocent Alicia. And now you are experimenting with cardboard boys? /me shakes head. We don't want you to be full of paper cuts, Honey.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Paper cuts are worth it because if he gets on my nerves, I can just tuck him back in inventory!! Although I do always have to worry that some SL bug will eat my new man.