Monday, March 31, 2008

I have a headache!

I really do. This is weird. It's been 3 days...the "I want caffeine!!!!" headache should have been gone by now. Ah well.

After a hard hour of power shopping for furniture tonight, Cen and I took a break on her hammock.


So could SL have been more screwed up today? lol I'm not going to really complain too much. Databases crash sometimes. It's all in the world of computers and technology. But it did make the day kind of frustrating when I couldn't log in for ages or tp anywhere or buy anything.

I am getting a TON of compliments on my new skin. So either it's just that damn good, or I was walking around looking crazy before. :-p I'm going to go with that it's just a great skin, since I know good and well you all wouldn't let me walk around looking like I fell off the ugly tree.

Oh, and a new episode of DiVAS came out today!!! YAY! Click the link to go directly to the video. It was great as always!! Plus you have to go watch since QueenKellee makes a guest appearance. :) There was one part where Evie fell over, and I swear, I laughed so hard, I had to pause the video.

I ran into Quaintly Tuqiri tonight at the Analog Dog non-sale. LOL 2 hairs were supposed to be on sale throughout the weekend, but by the time we made it there [wasn't even midnight SLT], they were no longer on sale. :( Personally, I'm not a huge fan of hair that's all alpha layers anyway, but at that price, it was going to be worth it since it can come out just lovely for pictures. But it was so nice to finally run into Quaintly. :)

And I got to meet with one of my blog readers while I was sitting outside of my store building. Hi Mena!! :)

Wow, I should have been in bed ages ago!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!...Hiiii :P, im exited for reading my name on YOUR blog, i feel famous now, LOL...i think you should post at least 3 posts a are my coffee...:)thanks for remembering me! <3

Anonymous said...

It was great meeting you too, Alicia! I was so excited when I spotted you :D

Alicia Chenaux said...

Mena - LOL! I'm sure if I really tried, I could 3 posts a day easily. You all would be so surprised if you knew how much I don't talk about. :)

Quaintly - I was excited to meet you too! It's so funny when I get to meet another blogger because I just want to yell "I KNOW YOU!!!"