Friday, March 7, 2008

Getting Too Big For Their Britches

I was starting another blog post, one that has an actual topic, but while I was researching something, I got distracted by a post on a forum. Names changed to protect...well, me, since I don't want to be dragged into anything. :-p But those of you who keep up with big stores will be able to figure it out anyway.

Someone in SL purchased a skin from A-Big-Name-Store but didn't receive it, which happens sometimes with SL issues. Well, of course for a $1400L skin [approx. US $5.50], you would think that the buyer could get some customer service. She had the transaction information ready and of course it could be checked with the seller's information. But guess what she found in the profiles of the designers?

"-No longer taking responsibility for missing purchases. Please contact Linden Labs for support when this happens.
-Do not send me notecards please.
-Do not IM me.

I think that deserves the "What The Hell?" award of the day.

I understand that this store took a hit by the skin rippers. I've seen many men wearing one of their skins. But is that any excuse to deny customer service to their paying customers? And how do they expect to keep customers if people who go to pay their high prices can't expect even just basic service?

This falls under the category of "Don't Forget Who Made You." They would not be able to afford their land and their classified ad that runs about US $500.00 a week if not for the people in SL that pay, and continue to pay, their prices.

It is, of course, completely up to the designers on what their service policies are. I can understand no refunds or exchanges on non-transferable items. But to deny a customer the right to get what they've paid for is unacceptable in my eyes, and I am blown away by their lack of respect for the very people who pay them. The word is out that they're also designing under a different brand now. Well, you can bet that I won't be spending my $L at either store.

Now that my 2 cents are done with, I need a nap. I'm going out tonight for dinner and I don't want to fall asleep in my plate.


WillowC said...

omg...can I share a leg of your cranky britches please, that's inexcusable!

Sidonie said...

That is so not acceptable. I think I saw that in somebody's profile and then didn't buy a skin from them.

I realize they want Linden Labs to fix what's broken about SL. We all do. But meanwhile, you better look after your customers. (You meaning store owners)

Samara Kasshiki said...

I really had to smile at your post and SO appreciate it. Figured something was definitely rotten in Demark (or whereever as I have no idea where "this person" resides in RL (wink). Since I am going to assume the skin was NO TRANSFER as they all are -- WHAT would be the point in getting a second one????? Sigh.

The people that yell the most are often times the ones that do the least. Sending you a brand new present, hon -- assuming I can figure out where to send it. If nothing arrives, you contact me, OK? You made my day!!! Go girl.

Anonymous said...

oh no I love the hair at that store and now I am way too scared to buy any incase I do not get it and then never get my money back or my item.


Alicia Chenaux said...

Willow - There is always room in the Crankypants for everyone! :)

Sid - I agree. I know that there are lots of things that need to be fixed for the content creators, but I think that this store's owners are COMPLETELY going about it the wrong way.

Samara - Thank you!! I just love the gift, it was so thoughtful of you!!

Anon - I can understand your feeling on that. I wouldn't want to throw down $L on a product that I knew darn well I couldn't get help with if something went wrong.

Cierra Theriac said...

'kay, i am apppparently too dense to figure out who it is. someone im me so i know who to avoid...

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I've had issues with purchases not received and have always had very helpful response from the designers... apart from one well-known one who did not respond to IMs, emails and notecards (and I never did get that item, but since my SL account "died", that became a minor issue).