Wednesday, March 19, 2008

RFL & New Club

I hit the Relay For Life Clothing Fair last night. I'd already been, but we'd just gone for the pink boots, so I thought I'd check the whole thing out. It was cool, although most of what I saw, I've seen before in the stores. There are exceptions, such as TULI only having her new releases there at the fair, and that fabulous Gypsy Princess costume from The Crystal Queendom that is only $2L. But for the most part, most of what I saw, I've seen. And that's ok, since this is a charity event, and a really great one. :) But for those of you who only like to go to these fairs for new things and new designers and don't want to donate [it's FINE if you don't want to donate! I hate when people feel obligated to donate because that just diminishes the whole thing. So many people give in so many different ways everyday out in the non-pixel world!], you might want to just stay home. It's pretty laggy out there, which is to be expected. Don't wear all your 250 prim items and if you can help it, take your AO off. [I'm terrible about not taking mine off. I just can't do it. I look like a child avatar with the default stands.]

So I mentioned before that the club I work for is moving to a new location. The staff had a chance today to go check out the new place, which is not open yet for everyone else. It's soooo much bigger than I expected!! More mall space, bigger dance floor, and the cool stage for the bands. Now as long as the lag doesn't follow, I'll be totally good. It's so sad when I have to turn off prims and alphas so that I don't crash and so I'm there dancing in the sky with half naked bald people. LOL I think the official opening of the new place is this weekend. OH! Last night we hired a new DJ and he got assigned to my shifts! I told him that if anything bad was going to happen in his RL that would keep him offline, it'd happen on Mondays & Thursdays. LOL But he seems really into this, and that's a good thing. Then I can just DJ whenever we need a fill in, which I prefer. And of course DJ for our awesome block parties at The Viper Pit - which we need to do again!!!

Hm. Re-reading this post, I sound like I'm in a bad mood today. lol I'm really not. But, I do think that I need lunch before I start putting one leg in the Crankypants.

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