Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Random Midday Post

I'm always kind of enthralled when I know that a DJ in Second Life is having a hard time and yet they have to put on a show. Some of them won't deviate from their standard playlist and just do their job and go. Some play some really angry music that hurts the ears. And some, like a friend of mine who JUST broke up with her partner, is in the middle of a big love songs set. How she's getting through that, I have no idea. I actually have some things I should be doing, but she asked me to come out to her set, and I planned on just coming for a few minutes, but then she told me the news [which totally and completely shocked me, to be honest], so now I just want to stick around here giving quiet support because she's always been really nice to me.

I hit up Sparkle Skye & Alienbear today to get their St. Patrick's Day gifties. You have to join their groups and go to 2 places, but I think it's worth it. The Alienbear set is GORGEOUS. I love Alienbear's jewelry because it's sized a bit on the smaller side which is good for my avatar. The gifts are only up until tomorrow and some new ones come later. There are preview pics at Alienbear of the upcoming gifts and I cannot WAIT for the one that comes after the next set. It's soooo pretty in the picture. I haven't tried on the Sparkle Skye dress yet, but you can look on almost any freebie blog and see that it's extremely pretty.

It's lunchtime, and then I need to get back to work on the Tequila Belt go play Primtionary. :)

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