Sunday, March 9, 2008

3 things are certain: Death, taxes, and me on a pole

Fun block party tonight!! For being an impromptu "Hey, wanna have a party tonight?" thing, it was great! Big crowd, and we learned what to do [and turn off] for the next party. I was kept very busy with requests, so I didn't have a chance to take many pics. BUT - and sorry for this, Sam - I got a picture of working the pole that was suddenly brought out to the square.

Pole Dancing

I just can't stay off them.

Earlier this week, I somehow found myself at the H&R Block island in Second Life. I know. An island devoted to...taxes.

The most happenin' island in Second Life! LOL

I suppose it's the happiest place in SL if you're an accountant? All I know is, I laughed REALLY hard when I found myself out there. Freakin' taxes. They do, however, offer tax advice on certain days, so I guess if you want to trot your avatar out there and have some REAL fun, you can go.

The funniest part about H&R Block island is that they have a freaking dance floor. But there's a good reason for this. They have something called Tango, which is supposed to be the hip, cool way to file your taxes this year. Oh I don't even know. It's still taxes. How fun is it going to be?

You can, however, grab a really great Tango pack while you're out there and it's free!! The pack includes some shoes, jackets, and shirts, plus a dance HUD to wear with your shoes and some scooters!

H&R Block Vespa

You get 3 scooters in the pack, which is kinda cool. The shoes, which I am wearing in that picture, are made by Miko Omegamu of *ICING*, so if you're familiar with Miko's work, you know already that they're pretty cute shoes. :)

Tango Shoes

They come in 3 colors - black, orange, and the green shown here. The male shoes in the pack are very decent, and could even work on women. If you attach the dance HUD while wearing your shoes, you do some dances. They are free dances that most of you have seen anyway, but still a nifty little idea, and of course you aren't obligated to wear the dance HUD.

I'd suggest going out to H&R Block just for the scooters and shoes. But I guess if you want tax help, you can do that too.

Don't Audit!

Do you think I'll get out of an audit this way? :-p

Oh, here's the SLurl for the island before I forget. This will take you to the main entrance. Use map with the orange dots to teleport over to the Tango Products area. You only have to click once on the Tango product bundle kiosk to get the whole pack.

So in the Great or Hate Debate, I think I'm going to hold off on buying that particular hair since there wasn't a sound "yes, get it!" vote, and most of you agreed [with a late vote by Quaintly] that the blonde wouldn't look as good. I'm very picky about the blonde shades I will wear, so I guess it's good I asked you all. You've saved me from looking like a bleached frizzy poodle!

Good grief! It's already 5am! Silly time change!!

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Anonymous said...

Apologies for the late vote! Can I blame the time difference? :P

(I live in GMT +8, or 13 hours ahead of SL time -_-")

Thanks for posting about this -- the shoes are too cute!! *runs off to get them*