Sunday, March 16, 2008

I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner...

As I've mentioned before, my store is on land that is owned by my friend [nephew?] Sam. But if you want to be technical, it's group owned, and so as a group that is like a family, we all have our say in what goes on and how we want our little city to be. We've all pretty much agreed on the urban grunge theme, which of course is popular in SL anyway, but it just fits the group as a whole. The other night, things were being moved around and stuff, and Sam asked me what I thought should be put in. I suggested a diner. We already have a bar, and a garage, and a pawn shop, and some poseballs of a questionable nature. I thought a dirty little diner where people can get coffee or satisfy their munchies [LOL] would be fun. I almost kind of didn't expect for Sam & Rick to do it, but tonight, with much fake grumblings and teasing and calling me spoiled, Ali's Diner was born.

Ali's Diner

It's actually a LOT bigger than I thought it was going to be. I was expecting more of a box. But they built me a restaurant! It's so great and I'm just so thrilled!!! I still have to put in a "kitchen" and then work the menu board so it gives food, which I also plan on building myself so that it looks like really terrible greasy diner food. I also have to rework the sign, but there's nothing to that really. Neon is so much more doable now with the glow feature when you texture something. I get annoyed by glow when people use it in their store steps and crank it to the highest, but for signs like this, a teeny bit of glow works wonders. Rick even put in working blinds for the windows, which is so cool!

I really am spoiled, but I can't seem to help it. lol

I was so excited by the diner, I got into this cute waitress dress [carhop, really] that I bought at Ki-Squared at the big sale. I'm so glad I decided to get it! And then I threw a little half-assed waitress belt together.

This waitress is tired.

I'll probably end up fixing the belt part so it ties in the back, but most likely it'll end up being a freebie in my shop whenever I get around to finishing it.

Big big thanks to Rick [who did pretty much all of the work] and Sam [who started off the initial design] for building me my diner. They're the greatest!!!

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Look how busy my boys are when I'm not online to harass them.

Thanks for keeping them inline Ali.