Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This time change has me all confused!

Please excuse the look of my blog for the next few days as I attempt to change it, because I just can't leave well enough alone.

Free Kitten

Ninja Kitty was a spy tonight, but not the kind that has fun. lol It's a long story, and not a particularly interesting one when you get down to it, so whatever. All I know is, I found out - yet again - that things are not always as they appear. And that some guys are total jerks. :-p NOT talking about any of the men that are in my little circle, I promise. And none of what happened tonight actually affects me in any way, so no worries. I don't even know how I got into it.

I haven't gotten a great deal of work done for the store lately. I've been filling in shifts at the club quite a bit, and that leaves me feeling uncreative, I'm sorry to say. I'm DJing Wednesday and hosting [and possibly DJing] Thursday, but after that I'm gonna step back from the club just a tiny bit so I can get some stuff done. The Tequila Belt is pretty much finished, and I've started work on a tool belt and the Sugar & Caffeine Belt already. I also have a small furniture set that is basically done, but just needs some new textures & a table built to finish it up. I wanted to do an Easter Belt too, but I don't know if that's going to happen in time. Guess we'll see! :)

Ok, so I'm not really big into tattoos, but I picked up a freebie pack from a store and there was one that put some stars on my hip. I really like the placement of the stars because they're easily covered, but sometimes just peek a little bit over the waist of my pants. I went looking around today for better tattoos because unfortunately these are not exactly great quality, but it's VERY hard to find cute hipster tats for some reason. I've seen lots of tramp stamps, and tribal arm bands, and full sleeves and all that. If I have to learn how to make my own tats, I'm gonna be really mad. LOL


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Unknown said...

Hee! You got the urge to!! We are 'nesting' on our blogs!

You are one busy girl! But you know, I can imagine just how adorable your tats would be!