Friday, March 14, 2008

The Top 5 Investment Pieces - IMHO :)

During the course of the $5L A Day Project, I bought sometimes what I called "Investment Pieces." These were things that I felt were very much worth the money. So here's my list of the Top 5 Investment Pieces that I can't live without. [Be sure to check out the entire stores when you go, because often they have more than what I'm just listing.]

5. Shiny Things shoes/boots - I'm very picky about what I'll pay for shoes and boots. Even in the "real" world, if a shoe isn't attractive, comfortable, and decently made, I won't pay the retail price. I'll only buy shoes at big sales. In my SL, it's not much different. You can sculpty it all you want, but if it's not a shoe that I think I'll get some use out of, I won't bother with it. That's why Shiny Things is such a good deal to me because not only are the shoes there gorgeous, they're all practical enough to wear with several different outfits. I've bought almost one pair of each that are on the discount wall [when you walk in, fly up and to the right, it's on the second level] and I wear them frequently. The best part is that there are demo shoes, which is SUCH a big plus to me in any store. I wouldn't have any trouble at all dropping a lot of money at Shiny Things! There are also very attractive shoes and boots for men. [SLurl to the store.]

4. Miriel Eyes - Most newbies know Miriel Enfield's free jewelry, which is pretty and simple. But Miriel also makes some of the best eyes that I've seen in Second Life. You also get options when you buy to choose from 2 different sizes, and if you want to get a copy version or a transfer version. You know I'm all about options! I wear the shade Open Ocean almost constantly and have been complimented on my eyes several times. When I'm playing neko, I wear the Sapphire cat eyes. You can buy the single eyes at $50L each, or a pack of 4 colors for $125L. [SLurl to the store.]

3. Maitreya poses - This is actually a semi-recent discovery that came near the end of the $5L Project. I had, at the beginning of my SL, dropped some money on an AO from Abranimations. But some of the poses from that twisted my body out of shape and really bothered me. I stumbled into Maitreya one day and fell in love with some of the poses there. I now have 3 in my AO. I think they're very well done and at only $100L each, a very good deal. Sorry guys, these are pretty much girly poses. :) [SLurl to the store.]

2. ETD Hair - I know, I've admitted before that I'm addicted to ETD hair, but there's a good reason for it. I did spend quite a bit at the $25L sale, but there's a reason why I keep returning. Elikapeka Tiramisu does probably some of the best hair work in Second Life, in my opinion, along with having some of the prettiest hair textures. It's also highly affordable, with a pack of shades starting at $150L. She also has a wall of discounted hair, and a bunch of dollarbie packs. Great deal and very much my favorite hair store in all of SL. :) [SLurl to the store.]

1. MystiTool - I saved the best for last! Someone told me back as a little newbie about MystiTool, which is an all-in-one type of deal. You can see who is around you, make facial emotes, rez a building platform in the sky, fly way way way up in the air without a flight feather, and orbit someone all at the same time. Plus there's loads more features all combined in a very unobtrusive HUD. It's truly been the BEST thing that I've bought in Second Life, and a real lifesaver when I'm hosting at the club since I can see who comes in right away. You also get free updates on the product without having to go to the store, which is great. MystiTool is $396L in the store, and $423L on SLExchange. [SLurl to the store.]

Keep in mind that these are MY top 5 things in SL. Yours may be completely different. If you think there's something out there that is absolutely a must have piece, please tell me about it! I'd love to check it out!


WillowC said...

Fantastic idea for a post, you should make this a meme for us all! And you've also reminded me to redo my AO, it's getting kinda old.

M said...

I like the idea of making this a meme too - good call Willow!

And I have to completely agree with the Mystitool as being your #1 pick because my Mystitool is certainly mine.

Sidonie said...

I totally agree with three out of your five.

Miriel eyes. I loved my old eyes but the Miriel ones just give my whole appearance more life.

Mysti tool - it's so essential, it can help you stand on your friends heads! I will have photographic proof soon.

Maitreya poses - I only have a couple in my ao, simply cause my ao is composed entirely of poses from different places. I only have a few from each place in order to make the look as eclectic and original as possible with what's out there.