Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And btw...

Ok, I need some help. I cannot see any symbols in SL. Like Chinese characters or hearts or whatever. Like if you're in the Cal Gal group, the title that is there for us - I can't see. It just looks like tiny little boxes to me. Example:


And if I go to the Japanese sims, most of the hovertexts look like boxes or question marks to me. Do any of you super smart people know how to fix this? It would be much appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

...hmmm well I'm on a Mac and I see all the crazy symbols, (I'm assuming you're on Windows?) My Windoze skillz are a bit rusty but I do know that it would have to do with fonts and language support. Basically you don't see them because you either don't have the font or don't have it turned on. At least for the foreign lanugages you have to turn on a preference to see them (I found this article which might help via google).

The symbols could be the same thing, or a specific font you don't have, or something else...not sure if this helps, but might send you down the right path :)

Strawberry Singh said...

I would totally tell you if I was super smart and knew the answer. Alas, the same thing happens to me. SO I shall be stalking this post waiting for the super smart person out there to come and help us with this dilemma!

Alicia Chenaux said...

Thanks Kellee! That article was a big help. Now to find my freakin' installation CD so I can actually install what I need. LOL

Strawberry - If you look at the article Kellee gave me, it is helpful. As soon as I'm able to install what it said to install, I'll post if it fixes the issue. :)

Sidonie said...

I was gonna say I think you have to have wingdings (a font) and also translation installation on your comp. There's a specific one for like Japanese or Korean. But, it loooks like you've got it sorted. Go you!

PS: Wrong is also part of that Reaction sale so if there's anything from over there you want, you might wanna grab it. You probably already know this but you know, lol.