Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fiddle Dee Dee!

I started to get sleepy around 11 tonight. I really should have just gone to bed. lol Oh well. I'm kind of glad I didn't because the new gift this week from Sparkle Skye & Alienbear came out! If you haven't been getting the gifts each week, you've missed out. :) The dress from Sparkle Skye is basically the same dress, but the length has changed each week. I was waiting on this week for the jewelry set because it's just so pretty. The next gift, which happens on the 17th, is a surprise and I'm excited.

The dress length this week immediately said "Gone With The Wind" to me. It's a huge ballgown skirt, lots of flexi to it, with layers. Very nice!!

Gift from Sparkle Skye - Week 3

I didn't think that taking a picture of it in my apartment would do it justice, so a quick search and I landed in the Land Of Lincoln. I always forget that there are educational places in SL that should most definitely be visited. I had a great time wandering all over the plantation house and snapping pics of myself.

Plantation Belle

Belle Of The Ball

The whole sim is very cool, with even a recreation of the White House there. I can't vouch for the historical accuracy of anything, but it was still cool. I'm definitely going to re-visit when I have a little more time to look around. But, of COURSE, I stumbled into a freebie while I was out there!!

1860s Dress

A little more casual dress for everyday life. ;) The pack came with 3 colors and if I'm not mistaken [I'm not in world right now to check], the dress is made by Laynie Link. There was also another free dress out there, and a free outfit for men. :) Just do a search for "Land Of Lincoln" or "Plantation" and you should find the place easily if you want to get a big poofy dress.

Now it is most definitely bedtime, because I have tons to do tomorrow before I can come home and settle down in front of the computer again. :)

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