Saturday, March 29, 2008

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I don't know how long this sale has been going on or when it's going to end, but all the skins at Sin Skins [SLurl] are $199L each. This does include the specialty skins like the Drow skins and the Geisha skins. So if you're in the market and don't have a lot of money to spend, that's the place to go. I had a Sin Skin as my first skin in SL [$1L pack for newbies, so if you help out the new players, take them there] and they are very nice skins. The island is huge, so you might spend some time flying around to find your shade, but there's a HUD too that you can use to get around. I usually just fly. lol I *think* these are all just female skins. I've never seen a male one out there, anyway.

Party tonight at The Viper Pit!! [SLurl] I think it'll probably start around 6 or 7 SLT. I'll be the DJ for the evening, and there's no theme this time, but I think the next party will be a themed one. This may be moved to tomorrow since SOMEONE NAMED SAM is choosing to see RL people. :-p LOL

Someone bought one of my belts last night, and left me a very nice note in my mailbox that it fit her perfectly without her having to do any kind of adjustments. I love that. I know that it's so hard for the petite avs to buy accessories, so when someone tells me "It fit perfectly!" I get a big kick out of it.

Oh, btw, Colorful!! I got your note and just have been too lazy to IM you back. LOL I love your ideas and have been playing around with the killer one. :)

I really wish I had a big cup of coffee right now. Oh gosh, last night I went to the midnight event at my club, and this kid came in and he was SO ANNOYING. And yes, I did ask myself first if it was him, or if it was just my mood. LOL But most of the others seemed annoyed by him too, so I figured it wasn't just me. Poor child got the rough side of my personality. A friend of mine said he just didn't know what to do when I was making comments to the guy because it's so unlike me, but he loved it. I can't be gracious and charming all the time. :-p The kid actually didn't seem to notice and everyone else was entertained, so it was all in fun. And yes, I keep calling him a kid, because if he was over 19, I'd be highly surprised. When the first question he asks is "Are there any emos here?" you're pretty much guaranteed that he's young. That question was met with a lot of "ROFL" and the "*insert name here* is emosad ;_;" gesture.

Breakfast time. :)

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