Sunday, March 23, 2008

Creating and Hunting

On the business front, the Tequila Belt is just about ready to roll out. I should have it up [hopefully] by tomorrow evening. Extra shot glasses have been added, along with a "body shot wipes" package. The belt itself has a new dark leather texture, and the lock holding the chains together has been retextured and made slightly smaller. I am still not sure why this belt has taken me so long to do. SL building issues aside, it shouldn't have taken me this long. But it went through several edits. I think at last count, 17 belts are sitting in my inventory. I take a copy of my builds after each linking or retexture. I'm actually still debating on letting the label on the bottle go out like that...but man, I want to start working on something else. Like the tequila holster that goes across the chest. Damn you, Wrath. :-p But the next belt in the lineup is the Model Belt, as suggested by the future Mrs. Darwin. That one may also end up being a leg holster with some basics. I'm also getting the itch to make some very simple low prim jewelry. And maybe some piercings. I just want to create. I think that's what it comes down to. lol

I so badly want to write this extremely long blog post about something, and I can't. I'll just sum it up as best as I can. The past week I've kind of been dating someone. It's not going to work out. He's a nice person, though. that I think about it, I don't want to talk about it. I'll probably end up deleting this part of the post.

I stumbled into the grid wide egg hunt today without realizing it. I often just save notecards and landmarks as they come in and hit the places later. But when I went to one store, there was an egg. So, I decided that it was probably late enough in the hunt to where I could start at the beginning. Truthfully, I only wanted the pose set from Long Awkward Pose. :-p But I managed to bounce to a few places along the way. Blaze was rezzing super super slowly, so I forgot about it and ended my hunting. Maybe late tonight I'll continue on. I do have to say, though, that my favorite favorite thing that I've found on all these hunts would have to be the cupcake for my head that I found at the Lazy Places hunt. Why it's my favorite, I have no clue. My 2nd favorite is the bouncy ball from Weird Shit.

Back to making my nail polish bottles.


Anonymous said...

Since I missed most of the hunts I"m so glad to hear that the bouncy ball still ranks as a fav :)

I managed to get over to ::69 today and I was tickled with my gifts from there.

I tried to tell one girl I met about it and offered to help her look but she said she doesn't need shoes *gasp

She's a super nice fun pretty gal, and she told me she has one pair of shoes and they change color so she doesn't need any more, even free ones.

That made me feel guilty and sad all at the same time.

Alicia Chenaux said...

Um, excuse me. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? LOL I miss you!!!! I went over to get the shoes too. But whoa. Did you keep that girl's name? Because we're gonna have to help her OUT. LOL