Monday, March 24, 2008

Poor Guys

I hopped on this morning to hit the rest of that grid wide egg hunt. It ends tonight, if you haven't done it yet. Most of the eggs are very easy to find, so it doesn't actually take too much time. If nothing else, go to Blaze and get the egg there, because it's a super sexy, and very short, blue dress. And go to Long Awkward Pose to get the Sweetheart pose set. It's so cute!

But I couldn't help but notice something. This hunt, like most of them I've been on, is very much geared towards the women in SL. There were only 2 eggs that I saw that had some guy shirts. This is so unfair! I see men on these hunts all the time. They want to have fun like the rest of us, too. Granted, most of the time the guys are just following the women in their life to help them hunt,'s unfair!! I'm not saying make a hunt entirely for men, but once in a while, it might be nice if they had some decent gifts.

I like most of the gifts that I gathered up on this hunt. Big thanks to the designers who help us not only look so damn good for so cheap, but who help us have fun at the same time. :) Your generosity definitely does not go unappreciated!!!!


Anonymous said...

A hunt entirely for men's stuff wouldn't be a bad idea... :)

Alicia Chenaux said...

Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think it's a great idea. I wonder if it'll ever happen. lol

Anonymous said...

Amen sister!! I completed that little egg hunt myself, well actually in tow of my pink prettier half, but I still completed it as an active participant. I think I got one shirt that was a maybe.. but then got deleted. Then the really frustrating part was that I figured I would at least get a cool consolation prize, as I set back and watched Jell sport one and then another hot number to my delight, but HELL NO 98.5% of that hunt was total crap. It was either extremely simple, ugly, or just plain "stupid" looking. I did like the Artilleri piece and the Canimal dress was okay but other than that it was horrible. Don't these people know they gotta give away something quality to sell you on the quality of their store? Although I am sure that blue dress looked great on you... :p lol

I did end up spending about 500L's in Emery cuz I hadn't been there before, and I also had a long talk with one of the smaller shop owners who liked my tat's and wanted to sell me on buying some of his custom tat's he would design for me, but otherwise, it was a total waste from a man's perspective.

Thanks for holding up the torch, us manfolks appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

I was really pleased the Filigree Motion hunt had stuff for guys - some eggs had two gifts inside, a girls' version and a guys' version. Awesome! I sent my guy alt to go get those :P

LVS & Co (Cassiopeia Isle) hunts also always has fairly equal amounts of stuff for guys and girls. This Easter hunt was no exception :)