Monday, March 31, 2008

The Tale Of The Skirt

I hit up the Sh*t Happens [SLurl] sale today, and as soon as I saw this skirt, I knew that I HAD to have it.

Trashy Skirt from Sh*t Happens

This skirt reminded me right away of those skirts made out of ties that were popular somewhat when I was in high school. Then I knew I had to tell this story, even though generally I don't tell a lot of RL stories in here. So gather round, kids, and let me tell you a tale full of woe. Well, not woe for me. I actually laughed so hard I almost wet my pants.

Back in high school when the tie skirts were becoming popular, my friend Jen decided she was going to make herself one. Ladies, you know the kind of skirt I'm talking about. Guys, if you don't, think about how it would look if you hooked a bunch of neckties in your underpants and made a skirt out of them. Now, here's the thing. One of the skinny size 0 girls in my class could have done the tie skirt with around 15-20 ties, but Jen had a little more junk in the trunk, so she was going to need a whole lot more ties. I'm not calling her fat, she had a beautiful curvy figure, but she was a bit too curvy for this kind of project. Her dad right away said no, he wasn't giving any of his ties to her for this mess, so we hit up a lot of thrift shops. For her size, we ended up having to get 40 ties. She set about cutting and sewing and really making this into some enormous project. But finally the finished product was ready and she strutted her tie covered butt into school like she was on Project Runway.

The problem was, Jen wasn't a very good seamstress. Her first day of wearing the skirt, it started popping at the seams, threads were falling out, and the ties started just flapping around. And did I mention Jen wasn't always big on underwear?

Altogether, the skirt project cost her about $75, a lot of time, and almost sent me to the hospital because I couldn't stop laughing and almost had a heart attack when one tie completely fell off right before our calculus class.

But you can get this skirt for $20L, and it does come with some glitch shorts. :-p


Anonymous said...

I went there today too but I'm trying really hard not to inflate my inventory too much :P I bought the fatpack of polo shirts and grabbed most of the freebies. Still thinking about all the other stuff!

That story about your friend Jen was hilarious. How did she save herself? Did somebody happen to have an extra piece of clothing that they lent to her?

On a different note, I wanted to ask you if there's a particular sandbox you like better than the others. I use the IBM sandbox but it disables scripts, which is a bit inconvenient at times. And it annoys me that the TP landing point is not in the sandbox. Setting LM is no use, I have to walk a bit to get to the sandbox itself (annoying coz have to wait for surroundings to rez!). I'm experimenting with building a house for myself. So far I have 2 walls :P

Alicia Chenaux said...

Luckily almost all of us kept extra outfits in our gym lockers, so she was able to put some jeans on. But I sure never let her live it down. :)

I'll drop a LM on you in world for my favorite sandbox.