Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Writing just to write.

Wow, what the heck? No "just woken up" post from me today. :) I know, you all missed me terribly. :-p

Truth is, I had some RL things to do today around the house, and then I tried to work a bit in SL. I believe the host belt is FINALLY finished. I need to tweak part of it just to make sure it's not going to dig into peoples' legs, and then it'll be ready. And I decided to put up my leggies for sale, so I made up the poster for them today. I'll do the poster for the host belt tonight after I make my tweaks and I'll be ready to quietly open soon.

Because see, that's my plan. I'm just going to quietly open. :) No big party, no grand announcements. Just "Oh, here's the SLurl..." while I'm talking about other things. :) Later I do want to have a block party out by the store, but not yet. I'm just looking forward to opening up so I can quit worrying about opening up and I can just go back to hanging out and building all the cool ideas I have and have been given.

You know what really bothers me? When DJs self-promote in chat. I'm not talking about the "Hey, I'm your DJ, IM me requests" thing. That's cool. I'm talking about when they make their own gestures to tell people how much they rock. Um, if you're playing good music, people will tell you that you rock. You don't need to say it. Just my opinion.

[While I was writing this post, I got sidetracked, finished the belt and poster, and put it on the wall. I guess I'm ready to open. Yikes.]

I feel like shopping. I think I'm going to forget about the store for a few and go buy myself something cute.

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