Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things & Balls & OMG

OH MY GOD. I was in the process of writing this blog and I went over to Tymmerie's blog to look at something and I saw... in her comments... OH MY GOD. I am CRYING right now! It's SO SWEET!

Cen and I did our photos last night because we've been meaning to do nice pics for a long time and we never do because we're really silly. I put them together today in Photoshop and I think they came out quite nice. :)

Cen & Ali - Bikini Biker Babes

Cen & Ali - Red Background

Cen & Ali - Troubemakers

I think the red one is my favorite. But it's hard to say. :)

So St. Patrick's Day, which is ordinarily just like any other day for me, turned out to be very very fun. :) I did hit a few places to grab gifts, but steered far away from the places that seemed like they'd be extraordinarily laggy. I think I'm finally getting it through my head that I don't HAVE to have every single gift out there.

[Right here is where I stopped writing and went to Tymmerie's blog. I'm such a girl, I'm still all mushy. I can only imagine how she feels!]

Cen, Rick, Sam and I went to be models for a store owned by Serrina...oh man, I forgot her last name. C&S Woodworks [or Woodshop?] is her store name. LOL, I don't even know where I was modeling for. How great is that? She owns land next door to the Viper Pit and sells landscaping stuff and flowers and trees and all that. But it looks like she's moving into the wedding business, so we went up to model some bouquets. I wore my prom dress, which then showed her that she needs to adjust her bouquets for those of us who like huge poofy dresses. After we left there, we went back to the pit and took pictures. Unfortunately the only pictures that came out decent of us were the ones where Cen & I were making crazy faces. Isn't that always the way? :)


I did hit up the hunt tonight at Curl Up & Dye. It wasn't a hunt as much as it was a "Walk around and pick up the stuff" deal, which was fan-freakin-tastic. I've never gotten any hair from there before [at least, that I know of], so I was pleasantly surprised that it was lovely! And WOW - I walked out of there just loaded with hair and other goodies! I'm not sure exactly how long the hunt is going on, and may in fact be over by morning.

There are some days where I don't really see anyone except the regulars in my life. But today was one of those days where I was running into a lot of people. Girl Wonder Tymmerie stopped over at my shop today and got the tour of our work at the Viper Pit. She even chatted on voice with us and she's just as adorable sounding as you would think.

Then later, a cute pink haired girl by the name of Tristan showed up on my store steps. We didn't scare her off, [which was amazing] and she took us over to Weird Shit for the hunt there. Oh my gosh, that store is great! I went there once with Sidonie & Mr. Coolname and kept meaning to go back, but never did. We had a blast looking for the eggs [the hunt is fairly easy, thankfully] and finally got what we wanted - a big bouncy ball to wear!! I had taken pics of the 4 of us [Cen, Tristan, Sam and me] bouncing around like crazy, but in a mad dash to clear some space on my desktop, I tossed them. :( We also headed over to the Relay For Life clothing fair and got some FAB pink combat boots!!!

RFL Pink Boots

These are made by Oi!, if I'm not mistaken. They're free, but of course there are lots of places to make donations out there. :) Supposedly there's other goodies all over the Clothing Fair, but it was getting late and everyone needed to head to bed. Except me, because you know...I don't sleep. So after they all took off, I headed to the club for the event there. [Well, I stopped at the hair hunt first.] The event was "Growin' Up Ghetto." I had NO idea what to wear, so finally those crazy ugly white strappy shoes that I hate and somehow have left in my inventory as a joke made an appearance on my feet. And, at the request of the hostess, I gave myself an incredibly huge rear end. The funny part is, that belly chain FINALLY fit once I put some weight on me. LOL

fashion disaster...LOL

The club is moving to a new sim at the end of the week. Less lag [hopefully] and a stage will be built so we can start having live music sometimes. How cool is that?

So, tomorrow I'm going to actually get some work done. The Tequila Belt is almost complete, but needs a new texture and more shot glasses. Plus I'm doing a Tequila Holster for the chest. Kind of criss cross thing loaded with shot glasses and stuff. I'm not exactly sure how it's going to be done, but I'm going to do it. lol I got started on it tonight, but of course I'm distracted easily. :) Not that I mind the distractions.

I just realized I left the cheeseburger with eyes floating in midair at the pit. Oops. I wanted to build a burger just to do it. But then I added eyes to the top so it looks like a little burger guy. I don't know either.

I suppose I should go to bed so I can get up at a decent time tomorrow and actually build some. More people keep stopping by the store. Guess I should at least have the decency to make it interesting. :)


Unknown said...

Alicia - you are so sweet!! You have such a cute voice and your friends are so incredibly sweet and fun! What a great little family you have! I love your hot pics with Cen!

And yes, when Jerremy popped the question, I started crying like an insane person. Actually, I started tearing up when I realized we were inside a volcano - but I wasn't kidding about that being a really long story. :-P

Anonymous said...

OH NO...The bouncy ball pics are gone?

As you know, I"ve been in such an SL slump lately I don't even want to shop but when Tristan showed us that ball I said "I must have that" for the first time in ages.

It's my new favorite thing, like a portable happy place. I can't wait to try out my beer bong either, I wonder if I can do both at the same time? Beer Bong Bouncy Ball.... I like it!

Great job on the pictures Alicia.