Saturday, March 8, 2008

Great or Hate?

Ok, help me pick some hair. :)

I'm attempting to edge away a little bit from my ETD addiction and try other hair places in SL. I like the hair at Deviant Kitties when I'm being a neko, but it's a little too wild for my everyday look. Cake hair is lovely but I still cannot bring myself to drop $400L or more on one color. Today I wandered into Zero Style to pick up a dollarbie pack that was there, and I decided to test a few styles. I found one and for some reason, I really think I like it. But it's one of those "Would I REALLY wear it?" styles. So help me decide!

Do I like it or not?

I can't tell if it would be different in blonde. But it's kind of cute, right? I'm so picky. :)

My beauty lies in your hands, dear ones!

[The skin I'm wearing is the free one I mentioned in my last post. Pretty, huh?]


Unknown said...

You look a bit like Pat Benetar in her Heyday in the picture, Alicia. I can;t even picutre that style in my mind in blonde - I am so curious!

Yes - blogger is having issues. I am trying to update the look of my template and omg I am having a bear of a time. Good luck with your posts!

Anonymous said...

lol..I was thinking.. bon jovi concert *eg*.. those curls look great in black and darker tones, but I bought one in red and umm..well it wasnt love..I used it for a Rocky Horror Picture Show costume tho.. Im not sure either how it will render in blonde.

Calaya Criss said...


lmao..not a fan of flattened photo hair :P

Anonymous said...

/me squints and tries to imagine it in blonde

I picked up a demo of that hair a little while ago and thought the same thing "how often would I wear it?"

I ended up buying two others from Zero Style instead. When I wear the "chocolate" hairstyle I can't stop moving or looking at myself to watch the hair move on my shoulders, it's really becoming a problem as I refuse to stand still when I wear it :S

Sidonie said...

I really like that hair and I have erm, dropped for hair at Cake, twice. Good loord.

I'm not sure how that would look in blond, i like dark with that skin though.

Anonymous said...

The dark colour works well with your skin... I think it might look a bit bimbo-ish in blonde *giggles*

Alicia Chenaux said...

Thank you, ladies! You have saved my avatar from what could possibly be a big blonde mess. LOL