Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sleepy Post

Just a quick post before I go back to bed [2 hours of sleep does nothing for me].

Ladies, be sure to join Callie Cline's group Cal Gal because starting Monday she's giving away a free gift each day for a week. Just do a search for "Cal Gal" in the group search and it should be number 1 on the list.

For those of you who asked me where to pick up your own Perfect Partner, here is the SLurl. It's a bit laggy, but that should take you directly to the store.

SecondWave Apparel [SLurl] is having a springtime modeling contest. The clothing you wear has to be by SWA, but your hair, shoes and accessories can be from anywhere and you can use Photoshop to pretty your picture up. I'm considering entering, but I don't know. You can ask me in world for the notecard on the contest, or join the SWA subscribe-o-matic by going to the store. I suggest going to the store because there's free cami and a lucky chair. I got a corset & panties set from the chair today, which was pretty cool. :) Sioxie Legend makes very pretty and very affordable clothing, so if you want to enter the contest, you should have no problems finding something to wear.

There's lots happening this weekend on the Gossip Girl area [SLurl]. Games and live music and other stuff. It's probably going to be packed all weekend, but if you make it over, it should be a good time.

Oh, and I think Skin Fair 2008 starts today over at Vanity Universe [SLurl] I'll be heading over there at some point to check things out and see if there aren't any free skins. :-p But I am very curious to see what the lovely skin makers have come out with. Skin Fair lasts until April 5th, so there's probably no reason to rush over right away if you want to avoid lag. I think having it that long makes it less of a fair and more of a "Hey, come get free rent for a month, sellers!" thing, but that's always good, too.

Speaking of skins, did you know that Ivalde [SLurl] has skins in the basement? They're actually quite pretty and I love the pouty little mouth. Only $250L each, which is a definite steal. Most of the demos worked very well on my shape, which doesn't usually happen. So when you're out there picking up your group gift dress [don't forget to wear your Ivalde tag!], go to the basement and check them out.

I think that's enough to keep you girls occupied for now. ;-) I'm going back to bed...or to make a cheese omelet. I can't tell if I'm hungry or sleepy at this point!


M said...

Alicia I think you are darling. Now go to bed and get some sleep! Actually, eat something sleep-inducing, then sleep.

You know one quick note about Skin Fair - Melanie Kidd pointed out in her blog today that one of the designers there (she didn't mention which one) is selling a ripped-off version of a Naughty skin, and that she contacted the organizer of the event and they blew her off about it. Based on that she's boycotting the event.

I'm not suggesting doing the same - I may go to Skin Fair as well just to sight-see - but it is something to consider with all of the rampant content theft going on at the moment.

Oh and thank you for the Perfect Partner SLURL - I can't wait to go get one to show MY partner! :D

Alicia Chenaux said...

Oh my goodness. That really makes me sad. I do know that the Alina skin has been showing up in freebie boxes and such for a while, which is terrible to begin with, but to have it SOLD as an original product by another "creator" at such an advertised affair is just awful! I hope that the people who are in charge of the fair realize that there is always the possibility of a mob going to protest, since that seems to be the way things are done these days.

Such a shame. Hopefully they will do the right thing and remove that "creator" from the fair.

M said...

They did end up removing the designer in question from the event. Mel's post caused quite a stir about it, but that's good because it gets people to sit up and take notice about what's being sold with their support.

Hope you are well!